Seattle, WA — “Beyond Bedtime” is a self-published children’s picture book project that teaches the importance of obedience and sacrificial love, and is designed to be comprehensible to anyone of any age from anywhere, as it has no text (other than a reference on the final page).

When a little girl is tucked in for bed and the lights go out, a world beyond our own is opened within her own bedroom! Only allowed to take one toy to bed with her, the girl’s favorite stuffed monster suddenly comes to life (and it is huge!), becoming her guide through these late-night adventures. But what happens when the child wants to play with more than just one toy? She faces her temptation to open the toy chest her father forbade her from opening after bedtime. What trouble awaits from within the confines of the chest, and will her monster be able to save her from the bedlam beyond bedtime… or will it have to make a sacrifice that it might not survive?

J.R. Gloyd tinkers away at his passions from his apartment in the Pacific Northwest, one project being this very picture book. “Beyond Bedtime” is a fresh, unique tale that is fun and quirky one moment, then delves into a much darker and more serious tone the next, almost creating a cinematic experience within the space of a simple children’s book. Kids rule, and Gloyd feels they deserve a safe, yet immersive experience.

“It’s a very important project for me, as it expresses my spirituality and faith from my own personal perspective.” “I wanted this project to be a picture book because I felt like children define faith perfectly: simple, yet profoundly deep. Plus, everyone loves picture books, regardless of age.” “It was originally supposed to be an art show where the pieces expressed parts of the story, which is why there were no words. I thought about adding them in, but decided that what I was trying to explain was too big for me to put into text. Honestly, I don’t think it even needs it.” “The project gives several nods in style to some of my inspirations, great cartoonists and artists, like Genndy Tartakovsky, Charles Schulz, Jhonen Vasquez, and Doug TenNapel.” “Picture books deserve more really cool, exciting stories.” “Beyond Bedtime” is 32 pages long, with no narrative whatsoever, aside from the title, a Scripture reference at the very end, and credits to backers of the campaign.

The campaign is running from March 10 to April 9, 6:00pm (PST). It received over $400 within the first 24 hours, over ten percent of the project goal. Once successful, this book will be able to undergo the copyright process and will be published on large printing platforms, such as Amazon, Ingram, and Blurb, both in hard copy and ebook form. J.R. Gloyd is the sole proprietor, author, and illustrator of this project.

Gloyd is an indie cartoonist and comic writer from Seattle, WA. Deciding to pursue a dream that doesn’t quite fit the mold of a one-medium career, he started his own endeavor to create whatever projects felt right to articulate the messages and emotions he wanted to convey, ultimately creating what he calls the “Gloydverse.” J.R. Gloyd has previously launched a successful Kickstarter campaign: a one-shot comic issue called “The Other Blue,” about a misfit crew of plane pirates. He has also done promotional and album artwork for bands, such as Stocksmile (formerly Bobby Meader Music) and Be Like Max. You can find out more about his work at his website:

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Phone: (702) 445-3645
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