salvadorbriggman1My name is Salvador Briggman and I am passionate about two things: the crowdfunding industry and helping people reach their fundraising goals. I started to bring awesome marketing tips, promotional resources, and proven campaign strategies to new crowdfunders.

However, after six months of emails, tweets, and interviews, I realized that although crowdfunders may have a great idea, the background to pull it off, and enticing reward tiers, they still struggle to get the word out and market their campaign.

My goal with CrowdfundingPr is to give you the tools you need to promote your kickstarter or indiegogo campaign to journalists, bloggers, followers, and your target customer group.

With CrowdfundingPR, you can create a press release about your crowdfunding campaign that will raise your project’s credibility, be indexed by top search engines, and be a great resource for the journalists and bloggers. It’s a quick and easy link to share with your friends and fans to communicate the background behind your project from inception to funding.

In addition, we comb the website every week for campaigns to feature on our twitter, facebook, and newsletter. Ask your friends to up-vote your story for a better chance of being featured!

Contact Me

If you have run a successful campaign and uploaded your story to CrowdfundingPr, feel free to shoot me the link here: I may have it featured it on CrowdCrux.

Are you struggling with your crowdfunding campaign? I would first recommend you check out some of the great resources on this site. Many of the tips come from successful project owners that I have interviewed. If you still would like guidance, shoot me a message on my email or the company facebook and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Sal is the cofounder of 2&2 Labs, a web development firm that has created crowdfunding products for business clients, and the cofounder of MusicMind, a website that connects artists around the world and makes it easier to collaborate and get feedback on new songs.

Read more about Sal or Contact Him. Follow him on Twitter.