Vancouver – October 4, 2017 – Fresh off its 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Awards, Canadian startup SproutBox Design announced the release of AIVIA, a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker equipped with a built-in battery, touch screen panel, Android OS, wireless phone charging station and a Bang & Olufsen-designed subwoofer into a sleek, elegant package. AIVIA redefines the way the world streams media by offering multiple connection options. Users can stream their favorite content over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or AUX connections, or they can simply access all their favorite content – including Youtube, Netflix or Spotify – directly from the built-in touchscreen.

DESIGN: AIVIA is the picture of elegant design; so much so that even the name is symmetrical. Its sleek, angular design is not just form, but function. The steeply-pitched shape of the unit is designed to sit flush against a wall, but still allow for cables to protrude from the rear. The soft touch outer body is scratch-resistant and acts as a sound absorber under loud frequencies. This ensures a clear, pleasant audio experience without distortion. AIVIA boasts the perfect balance between form and function.

LOOK, BUT TOUCH TOO: AIVIA’s gorgeous 8-inch HD display begs to be touched; now a user’s favorite apps are in one easy place, providing a convenient bedside smart hub within arm’s reach. Using it for a social gathering? Gone are the days of pairing your phone, then your friend’s phone, or your kids phone, or your mother in law’s phone; whoever’s at the party can DJ to their heart’s content.

SMART AS A WHIP: AIVIA’S Android-powered OS is designed to be flexible and compatible. Not only does it utilize an open platform to encourage active development and usage hacks, but it’s also compatible with a wide variety of existing entertainment apps, from Google Music to Facebook. It even utilizes Google Assistant’s voice control to let you dictate commands from afar; so it’s as handy as Google Home or Alexa, but with audio from on high.

SOUNDS LIKE HEAVEN: With two large speakers and a dedicated subwoofer, AIVIA’s impressive 40W of output will sound like a dream, no matter what you’re listening to. The dual full-range speakers and massive subwoofer were designed and tuned by engineers from Bang & Olufsen, a company whose reputation is unparalleled in high-end audio. With AIVIA, it gets even better.

READY TO ROLL: AIVIA boasts a 10,000mAH battery, so when it’s not plugged in, it cranks out tunes for 5 hours before it needs another recharge, or up to 8 hours on standby. Forgot a phone charger? No worries. AIVIA’s top edge is a wireless charging station, so its handy touchscreen hub can recharge both the internal batteries and an external smartphone at the same time.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for AIVIA was launched on October 3, 2017, with an expected ship date of July 2019. Each unit has a retail price of $399 US, but Kickstarter perks place it in the $229-$239 range.

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