Did you know that if you have a smartphone, then you don’t need passwords? Like many technology advances, it takes years for a new product to become available to the public at little or no cost (Velcro was invented in 1941, but not popularized until the 1980’s.) Like most cybersecurity companies, AnchorID has only sold its award winning password-replacement platform to Enterprises and Financial Institutions (see the links at the bottom of this page).

We want to break that trend, and decided to create this Kickstarter campaign to create three new elements to our platform to make it FREE for everyone by the fall of 2017:

1) A WordPress Plugin, enabling AnchorID to work on any WordPress site. Users will be able to use ONE username and ZERO passwords to log in to any WordPress site that uses our plugin!

2) A Drupal Plugin that performs the same functions as the WordPress plugin.

3) A Free Version of our App that works with the WordPress and Drupal plugins, and does *not* require an enterprise license. Our existing app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play works only if you buy our enterprise product.

About our Product:

We replace your end users need to create yet another password. Also everytime they need to login they simply click yes on their smartphone! Our software makes it easy to setup an account like Facebook Connect or Google does but with a privacy barrier! This will allow any user to make accounts without having to expose their Facebook/Google accounts and instead only transmit the data we carry which is minimal but adequate for account creation. Think of it as a private on boarding process as apposed to a social media registration. And of course the added benefit of having two factor authentication that doesn’t rely on complex passwords!

Fund this project so we can create a FREE version of our award winning Enterprise Password Elimination platform to WordPress & Drupal!

Contact Information:

Tyler Heatwole
Email: th2@anchorid.com
Website: www.kickstarter.com