After unexpectedly discovering the growing single-room pubs that shun technology, promote conversation and only serve real ale, a trio of British filmmakers have decided to make the first feature length documentary about the rise of the micropub in the UK. But they are in need of your help.

Micropubs – The New Local follows the ground level story of the ordinary men and women, many with no previous experience in the pub trade, as they embark on opening their own micropub. Usually utilising vacant shop fronts, these micropubs rejuvenate high streets and reignite local communities.

As of 2017, the UK now has over 300 micropubs (and counting) but with the niche movement still in it’s infancy, some experts still question the success of the micropub. This has made traditional investment for the film near on impossible. However, taking inspiration from the entrepreneurial micropub tenants they’ve been documenting, Bexley filmmakers Syd Heather, Dan Eycott and James Coyne have decided to take matters into their own hands by turning to crowdfunding.

“I think most Brits at some point in their life have thought about running a pub. With micropubs this dream can be a reality, especially considering that traditional pubs are closing at 25-30 a week.” (Dan Eycott, Co-Director)

The filmmakers are looking to friends, family and the passionate micropub community to get behind them considering this documentary is the first of its kind. To reach their target of £10,000 over the 21 day campaign, the team are offering a range of perks in exchange for financial support.

For as little as £4, referencing the average price of a pint in the UK according to the Campaign for Real Ale, there’s also limited edition beer mats, tickets to the film’s London Premiere and even the opportunity to be credited on the film and IMDB as an Associate or Executive Producer.

The full crowdfunding campaign and teaser trailer of the documentary can be found here:

For more information please contact:

Amy Eycott (Production Manager)