A Pop Open Rain Shield That Flat Folds Into a Thin XL [Pizza Box].

Wind Worthy Storm Sturdy APERELLA is Smarter – 3folds FLAT – easily fit into totebag or briefcase; Lighter – almost weightless in use – giving TOTAL visibility; Safer – no pointy ribs – so NO scratched faces or poked eyes; and Happier – use hands-free – walk upright AND text in the rain. APERELL Rests on shoulders – not on head and is Held in place with simple underarm straps. Carry APERELLA in tote bag or laptop case. APERELLA can EVEN can be worn hands-free on a Bicycle. &BTW: APERELLA is the Ultimate Promotional Platform when imprinted.

We are two co-inventors and seven design-sensitive collaborators. Geographically living: Two in East Asia, Three in West Asia, One in Europe, and Three in North America. Some are full time students, some part time students, and some “just” work. Together, we are fluent in at least five languages. [For statistical purposes only.] We [Havdale Mindful Life Innovations] are 50% Caucasian, 28% African, and 22% Asian. Our current average Age is about 28. Our average Gender is about 56% Male and 44% Female. Our current Marital Status is: four are married (none to each other) and five are single. Our official personal names are even written in three different language fonts. AND except for working together on Aperella – it seems that each of us has been living a sort-of normal life.

Some of us have never met. Some of us have never even spoken (to others of us) – on the phone. NOW, after many long hours of working together, uncounted versions, designs, prototypes, changes, other ideas, more changes, soul searching, and even more changes: APERELLA is about to be born! The nine of us have all come to be working on APERELLA – because we have a common vision. It all started almost five years ago with a cold hard look – and here is what one of us wrote:

Of course, since your childhood, you are familiar with an amazing portable device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod; used as protection against rain or sometimes sun. Perhaps you did not realize that the umbrella is ancient, known for thousands of years in East Asia and for more than five hundred years in Europe. The genius of an umbrella is that it is easy to deploy, and protects a large volume (underneath) when in use; yet it collapses and stores into a tiny volume (by comparison). The modern umbrella is particularly light-weight; while generally remaining structurally robust. Thus, the umbrella is almost universally recognizable; and (not surprisingly) has some old traditional names in almost every human language too.
Now, even after modern inventive progress to cheaper materials, mechanisms, and tensile bearing shapes-and-profiles, today’s ordinary umbrellas are very mechanically complexit. Fabrication still involves many steps; affixing numerous oddly shaped parts, ribs, hinges, springs, and the like together with assorted specialized connectors. So, there is still an ongoing need to reduce umbrella design complexity, which should further lower costs.

Another problem is the inconvenience of traveling with a peculiar-shaped not-in-use umbrella; and a tendency to forget one’s umbrella in waiting rooms, public transportation, and at home (such as by being occasionally absolutely sure that it will not rain today; even though it will). For example, it is reported that at least 80,000 umbrellas find their way to the London Underground Lost-&-Found every year, and another at least 300,000 annually to the Tokyo Transit Lost-&-Found; so the true scale of the “global lost-umbrella pandemic” probably reaches astronomical numbers of incidents.

My personal annoyance is that yet another drat ConFloogle inevitably occurs with structural integrity failure at some most needed umbrella moment; and often, that is some sudden super-gust of wind during a rain. Parenthetically, by nature, kids don’t wait for that kind of confloogle moment; their hand held umbrellas “just break” when used as improvised hockey sticks, imaginary bludgeons, and other emotionally asymmetric ritual-aggression props of their ongoing playful amusements. Of course, there are also various unfortunate eye and face injuries to all-too-proximate passersby, from umbrella canopy-rib protrusions of various properly used umbrellas; by both child and adult alike. Also, sadly, children sometimes open their umbrellas too close to themselves, thereby inflicting abrasions to their face and/or to their eyes; from the pointy ends of the umbrella’s ribs. Incomplete accident statistics suggest that children incur about twice as many self-inflicted eye injuries from umbrellas as adults do.

Now, for almost everyone else (who still has a functioning personal umbrella, with them, when they need one), a central umbrella problem is that they need to be awkwardly held while in use; and then, even if both hands are not otherwise needed, it is cumbersome, uncomfortable, and tiresome to hold the open umbrella’s rod substantially vertical for lengthy periods. For the intuiting user, walking under a protective umbrella brings bizarre riddles; of how best to circumvent narrowing passages, tall vertical polls and elevated horizontal protrusions, while simultaneously directing the umbrella against wind; and preferably likewise staying covered from rain. For those seeking spiritual humanistic tranquility, personal navigation on the densely populated urban walkway, while holding an upright extended-canopy umbrella, is randomly a chaotic anonymous (antisocial-protocol jousting-like) adventure; often resulting in feelings of mutual dissatisfaction, although sometimes resulting in a magnanimous soaking.

Well, among other technical problems, the modern hand-held umbrella remains obviously complex to make, awkward to carry, easy to lose, unhappily breakable, not particularly ergonomic to employ, potentially unsafe, and socially challenging too. Accordingly, it would be really nice to see some objective improvement in addressing each of these truly-longstanding categorical issues–especially while at least keeping an equivalent zone of protection against rain or sun (or from spontaneously interacting playmates).

Behold: APERELLA NEWS FLASH : Umbrella joins typewriter, record player, film camera, and cassette recorder…