This GoFundMe page is for a very talented football player, who has to pay for tuition and needs help to do so. He is athletic, and dedicated when it comes to football, his world revolves around it. He plays middle line backer and tight end. Weighing 230lbs and measuring 6’1. He has been awarded numerous times for his outstanding work on the football field. Tuition, textbooks, and football gear are highly expensive. If he doesn’t get money for school he will not be able to further his education. Any donation counts and matter, spreading the word will be very helpful, his links to his highlights are on the GoFundMe page, his photos are also there.

You can see how athletic and dedicated he his. People who care about him would love to see him succeed in life because he deserves it, he has worked so hard for it, he shouldn’t have to give up on his dreams now. Especially when the money can be raised with a little help of everyone. Every donation literally counts, every cent is appreciated anything would help to raise money to pay for tuition, textbooks, and football gear including, gloves, proper equipment and attire, cleats etc. Football gear and sports materials is also expensive.

It would be a shame to see his dreams go to waste, everyone who knows this young man always speaks highly of him he is respectful, loving, caring and capable! We want to see him succeed it is only right! He will be part of our future and we want to help make everyone productive to society! Everyone should be granted the gift of receiving an education, everyone should be given a chance. It is only fair! Make America great again, by saving our youth and helping them further their education.