New York City, NY — July. 16, 2017 — After struggling to find affordable, but good quality suit sets on the fly for upcoming interviews and internships, Milly Wang decided to just create her own instead. So she reached out to a good friend and talented fashion designer, Rani Maiti, and together, they launched Suit & Simple (

The brainchild of a recent Harvard grad and a fashion designer, Suit & Simple seeks to provide students, interns, and young professionals an alternative to the expensive professional womenswear currently available in the market.

“Let’s face it, suits are expensive. It’s hard to find a good quality blouse for under $50, and a lined, fitted blazer and skirt combo can cost anywhere from $150 to $500 easily,” said Milly Wang. “If you are lucky those rare finds, are cheaper and of very poor quality. The skirts and blazers are not lined, too thin, and fit poorly and so create an unprofessional look. As for the blouse, it’s usually made of thin and see-through fabric. Not very work appropriate if you ask me…” adds Rani Maiti.

Having experienced it personally herself, Milly Wang is keenly aware of the necessity to make a good impression with what you wear, but also the hefty price tag that comes with it. While sales do occasionally occur, many students, interns, or young professionals are pressed for time and can’t just sit around waiting for that sale. So they just make do with what they can find in their budget range. For some this could mean shelling out $500 for a suit set. But for those who can’t afford a $500 suit set, it’ll mean showing up to an interview in an ill-fitting suit that might impact their first impression and cost them an internship or job.

“A lot of students, interns, or young professionals just starting out in their careers don’t often just have $500 sitting around to spend on a suit set. I realized that many others share this struggle. Everyone should deserve a chance to dress her best, make the best first impression in an interview, and land that job without breaking the bank. And that’s why we set out to create a good quality suit set that’s under $100,” said Milly Wang.

Each of the garments is designed with extreme care, from the fit to the quality of the fabric and finishes, all to ensure that each piece fits comfortably and looks classic and timeless. The two took particular care to design pieces that work together seamlessly to give the professional look, but can also be individually paired with other clothes for a fun night out, a chill weekend, or an after-work cocktail event. Because in this day and age, it’s all about versatility!

For the past 8 months, they’ve been working to perfect the design and find the right manufacturer to work with. They’re currently live on Indiegogo ( and are looking to raise $9,500 to place the minimum order.

Where are they planning to go from there?

“Eventually, we’d like to expand the collection to different colors and prints,” said Rani Maiti. “That way, we hope that you’ll come to Suit & Simple not just for your first suit, but for all your suit needs!” adds Milly Wang.