The Colchester Rubber Company is bringing back The World’s First Basketball Shoe, which was invented over 125 years ago in the year 1892. Discovered at an estate sale by Vintage clothing dealer Gary Pifer in Vista, California, research proves that the sneaker was made by the Colchester Rubber Company before they were shuttered in 1893. It is believed the sneaker was created as a prototype personally for the founder of Basketball, Dr. James Naismith.

These shoes are faithful replicas of those first basketball sneakers, with the same 5″ high-top design, brown canvas uppers, turkey feather sole pattern, and Colchester Rubber Co. crest that are the hallmarks of the originals. The sneaker has been coined “Our National Treasure”. Located a mere 50 miles from the YMCA where Dr. James Naismith developed the initial 13 rules of basketball, the Colchester Rubber Co. was one of the largest vulcanized rubber shoe manufacturers of its time, and its production of high-top basketball footwear predates that of any competitors’ by a quarter of a century. Made from vulcanized rubber and canvas, the original sneakers were the first of their kind that protected feet while running, jumping, and pivoting on gymnasium floors. Updated for contemporary casual wear, the shoes have a built-in arch, cushioned insole, and metal eyelets. They have also introduced a Low-Top sneaker version of the National Treasure that is sure to be a cl oset staple. Unisex whole sizes 5-16.

The sneaker is an incredible combination of American history and the popular classic sneaker look. They are looking to raise $29k to continue manufacturing these historical sneakers so that a new classic style loving generation can enjoy them. They are sure to be a sneaker that will garner compliments and their high quality will ensure you can wear them all day without any problems.