Hong Kong, Jan 10th 2018 — Code10 proudly introduces their new range of innovative travel bags and commuter luggage. With three new additions to compliment their original hugely successful waterproof, lockable backpack, Code10 is expanding their offering of truly unique bags. This year Code10 is launching its new range on the crowdsourcing website, Indiegogo and is hoping to match the runaway success of their previous campaign when $50,000 was raised in less than four hours.

Code10’s bags are designed for users who put their luggage through a little more stress than the average user. As avid surfers and travellers, Code10’s Hong Kong-based founders had experienced quite a few bags that couldn’t stand up to their lifestyles. Code10 was created to make sure that their gear was protected from both the elements, and from pickpockets and petty theft.

All three of Code10’s new bags are fully lockable and highly water resistant, giving full protection to their contents. Unlike most waterproof bags, they’re designed with tech in mind, with a range of pockets and inner organisation that make them perfect for urban users and digital nomads rather than just outdoor enthusiasts. The key features of the bags are as follows:

A range of options: In contrast to their original bag, which was a great general use backpack, Code10’s new bags are slightly more focused on specific users. The daypack is aimed at urban commuters and tech users, the messenger will really appeal to cyclists and the duffel is ideal for travel and gym use.

– Waterproof Protection: As with their first product, the new range are all highly water resistant. Made from 100% waterproof TPU material, with heat-welded seams, the bags are designed to stand up to the heaviest of weather.

– Anti-Theft: Security is a key feature of all three bags. Each of the bags can be “locked and left”, with built-in locking devices allowing the bags to be secured to a fixed object. The locking devices can also be used “on-the-go” for protection against pickpockets.

– Organisation: Unlike the majority of waterproof bags, Code10 bags are highly organised. The daypack and the messenger incorporate a highly organised inner tech area, multiple outer pockets and secret pockets for your valuables, while the duffel has both inner and outer pockets and a waterproof, odor-proof inner bag to separate your items.

Code10’s Marketing Director, Charlie Kelly said “Our decision to launch these new bags on Indiegogo was an easy one – we’ve long felt that crowdfunding fans are some of the most knowledgeable and savvy consumers out there. The positive feedback, ideas and suggestions we get from crowdfunding makes running a campaign a real joy and it’s really satisfying to know that we’re delivering products that appeal to such a switched on, active community.”

Visit Code10’s Indiegogo page to pre-order the bags, meet the creators, and learn more about their incredible range of waterproof, lockable luggage.

About Code10

Founded in 2016 by Hong Kong-based designers Chris Stammbach and Charlie Kelly, Code10 was established to change the way we think about backpacks and luggage. The founders wanted to create luggage that was not only stylish and practical for daily use, but also highly secure and protective from the elements.

Code10’s bags were initially conceptualized by the two designers whilst on a surfing vacation in Indonesia, when both suffered damage to their belongings. They realised the need to make bags that would be safe and secure when travelling in less developed areas and have the necessary protection for life in the great outdoors.

Charlie Kelly
Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

Chris Stammbach
Co-Founder and Head of Design