The combination of two business styles – classic and network marketing – could be a new step in business field evolution. It can be demonstrate that the this combination can improve the relationships and friendships building, increase self confidence, can rise the level of the education and of course the level and nature of incomes. Also it can be the subject for a New Business Brand and/or Franchise. There is no age limit and anyone can learn to build a such network in the same time with the classic business running and to earn supplementary incomes or purely to gain its financial independence.

It is known that “Asking for help is universally dreaded–but it’s a skill that you can learn!” says M. Nora Klaver. That’s why the company, founded in 2015, is proposing to run a Coffee Shop together with the building of a retail product distribution network using Business Plan Presentations, setting up workshops and seminars and quality physical products presentations. Knowing that distribution networks are growing very slow, the Coffee House , with its incomes will create a work capital (like a credit line) which will sustain the company’s costs until the distribution network will start to grow and create its own incomes. So, there, people will find both a relaxing and creativity zone together with a a library with books and digital products for personal development. Being one of the main goals, helping people will place the company as an active participant in local community and will be a great asset added to the community because will attract people ou t of town to visit it.

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