We’ve compiled a list of bloggers, publications, and influencers in a variety of industries that you can contact regarding your press release. Over time, there will be additions to this list.

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Crowdfunding Bloggers & Influencers

The Crowdfundamentals – Rose Spinelli contributes weekly tips to Crowdsourcing.org, runs a blog, and is a crowdfunding consultant that specializes in non-profits and cause campaigns.

CrowdCrux – Our companion website started by Salvador Briggman. It has been cited by CNN, the New York Times, and more. It’s a great source for free tips and interviews with successful creators.

Crowdfunding Downunder – Jane Bartlett is a crowdfunding blogger and also holds regular meetups and workshops in Perth, Western Australia.

CrowdfundInsider – Run by Charles Luzar, CrowdfundInsider covers crowdfunding industry news (equity crowdfunding, portal news, events, etc).

Ayudos – Run by Mike Gonzalez, Ayudos is a Crowdfunding Blog and Network.

CrowdfundUk – CrowdfundUk is a blog created by Anne Strachan. Anne runs workshops and is a freelance fundraiser.

Launch and Release – A blog about crowdfunding for the music industry. Levi James and Ian Anderson provide tips derived from interviews with successful music crowdfunders.

CrowdfundingDojo – A blog created by Piers Duruz that focuses on providing Kickstarter fundraising tips.

CrowdfundingForum – A crowdfunding industry forum run by Brian Krassenstein.

KickstarterForum – A forum dedicated to Kickstarter Projects run by Salvador Briggman.

IndiegogoForum – A forum for Indiegogo Project creators.

CrowdFundBeat – Run by Stuart Hillston in the UK, Sydney Armani and Philip Chen in the US, and Megan Kiakorian in Canada,  CrowdFundBeat covers crowdfunding industry news. See the US version here and the Canada version here.

TheCrowdCafe – A blog with a focus on equity and investment crowdfunding created by Jonathan Sandlund.

FundingTheDreamOnKickstarter – A Kickstarter tips podcast run by Richard  Bliss

NowStreetJournal – Crowdfunding Supporter (focus on equity crowdfunding) Blog, and Event company founded by Dara Albright.

Crowdfunding.info – Inactive blog created by Mathew Walker. Mathew is a crowdfunding enthusiast.

Kickpreneur – A new website run by Jason Katzer and Ramin Assemi. They are putting together a book on Kickstarter project creators. “Interviewing the people behind the most successful and inspiring Kickstarter projects – and create case studies around them.”

SucceedInYourPajamas is also a new website and does not exclusively focus on crowdfunding, but has some good interviews done with Kickstarter campaign creators.

Crowdfunding Consultants and Service Providers

CrowdfundingProjectPartners – Kickstarter project services and crowdfunding services. Run by Jesse Theiler. Jesse contributes regularly to LinkedIn groups and is an active member of the community.

CrowdfundProductions – Crowdfunding events and consulting run by Elena Mikhaylova, a seriel entrepreneur and crowdfunding enthusiast.

TheCrowdfundMafia – Crowdfunding consulting services and webinars. Michael Fultz is the founder and CEO.

CrowdfundPlanning – Crowdfunding consulting and a variety of related services, groups, and websites. David Khorram Shahi is the “Chief Knowledge Officer.”

LeveragePr – A full-service public relations firm with a focus on the equity crowdfunding sector. Run by Joy Schoffler.

CommandPartners – Internet marketing services including social media management and pr outreach for Kickstarter projects. Roy Morejon is the president of the company.

Videogogo – Video production, marketing, and advertising services for Kickstarter campaigns. Eli Regalado and Jamie Duklas are the cofounders.

CrowdfundBuzz – Crowdfunding campaign promotion services. Matt Cooke is the founder and CEO.

CrowdfundingStrategy – Crowdfunding company founded by Leigh Lepore.

FrontPagePr – Founded by Robert Hoskins, FrontPagePr is a crowdfunding public relations firm.

Crowdsourcing.org – Crowdsourcing industry news website founded in 2010.

Universal Media Consultants – Pr and social media marketing. Philip Cardwell is the CEO.

Agency20 – Crowdfunding campaign strategy and marketing.

Kinship Marketing – Crowdfunding marketing services.

JamisSalesSuccess – Sales and marketing services for crowdfunding projects.

Crowdfunding Marketplaces, Platforms, and Industry Related Websites

PitchFuse – A website where you can create a pre-launch page, attract followers, get feedback, do a giveaway, and turn your pre-launch page into a conversion optimized landing page upon going live with your campaign.

VaporStarter – A 3rd party watchdog and certification service which helps protect backers through enhanced vetting and helps creators by raising backer confidence.VaporStarter.com helps project creators to keep-in-touch with backers via custom web and mobile tools and backer rating system.

CrowdfundingSoftLaunch – “A platform and a community that allows Small Businesses, Startups, inventors and entrepreneurs to present their products, services, events and ideas to the crowd, find resources needed and the targeted investor audiences.”

CrowdfundingClassifieds – Post a free classified listing for your crowdfunding campaign. Find another campaign creator for cross promotion opportunity, hire contractors, post an advertisement for marketing firm, etc.

KickTraq – Analytics for Kickstarter projects.

CrowdfundingPr – Post a free press release for your crowdfunding campaign.

Event Organizations + Industry Organizations

Silicon Valley CrowdFund Ventures – Crowdfunding Expo and Conference

Crowdfunding Professional Association

CrowdfundingRoadMap – Crowdfunding Bootcamp and Events

Crowfunding Website Aggregators






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