The old shogun has passed away, Daimyos around Japan have risen to try to become the new ruler. With the help of mighty samurais, brave ashigarus, cunning bandits and sneaky ninjas can you become the new ruler in the land of the Sun?

Cube War is a two player area control game that is very simple to play, players will draft “battle cards” at the start of the game that will help determine the outcome of battles that take place. Each “battle card” has a strength, an action point number and ability. The strength of the “battle card” is what player will use to determine the final result of a conflict. Action points are used for players to add new cubes onto the map or to move existing cubes. Players will conquer new areas on the map by moving your cubes to an empty area or areas occupied by the opponent. You must outsmart your opponent to have an upperhand. This can be done by guessing what your opponent will play since you will know half of his/her cards when drafting.

The aim of the creator of Cube War, Julius Hsu. Is to create a game that is portable, fast and easy to play. The game can even be played when travelling. The unique thing about Cube War is that all the battles are done on a single poker sized card. Surprisingly all the wooden cubes fit in those areas just fine.

Cube War’s art style is very unique, in Cube War vector art is done in Inkscape with a Logitech mouse. Each artwork takes hours or even a day to complete.

Number of players: 2
Time required: 10 min
Recommended ages: 10+

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