After various years and episodes of over consumption, self-exploitation, and a series of events lived both by choice and circumstantial oppression, I have somehow come out the other side with a full lust for life. We all have a story, and our own unique “A Ha!” moments. With you I would like to share mine. Boredom, loneliness and isolation were present one desperate morning some odd months ago, and in this desperation, I found myself bare and in conflict with what my surroundings and beliefs told me would fulfill me. After years of searching and trying to fill that nothingness with anything and everything I could find I realized that it is only by connecting with others that I am truly brimming, feeling well fed and at peace with all.

In the process of selling everything I own (whatever doesn’t sell I’m donating) and reducing my life to the clothes on my back, 2 medium size boxes (most of them filled with notebooks), and working to save every penny I can for this trip, I have realized that everything else seems trivial. Nothing I ever owned, or ever thought would fulfill me, from marriage to cars, or vanity projects I forced on my body, brought me any kind of fulfillment or significant spiritual stimulation or satisfaction. After doing plenty of research and exploring my options given my motivations, drive, desires, and goals I have found the TEFL course, specifically the course starting on June 16th in Cambodia. In less than 3 months!

The TEFL is an internationally recognized program based in a private school where I’d be teaching students from ages 3-16. The program will cover some meals, room and board, a 2-day orientation and assistance after completion. The program offers paid internships and/or help finding and applying for employment. The TEFL course will not only make me a better teacher, it will also increase my potential for earning a higher salary and open doors to work at better schools with people from all over the world. I can even start applying for jobs immediately upon completion since it is a government regulated certification.

My long-term goal is to eventually get involved in the community by helping fight poverty, human and sex trafficking with kids in Cambodia and, really, EVERYWHERE. Cambodia is just the beginning. After feeling like the system failed me and so many others in moments of dire need and confusion I know this is what I am supposed to do. With all my faults, thoughts and, at times, narcissism I still know that I am a native creature of the world of compassion and love, it is this which feels natural to me. To dedicate my life, breath, and imagination to helping and serving others by creating new and innovative ways to change the world through education and programs focused on developing mental and physical abilities in today’s youth. To let go of my personal attachments and fears so that I can be of better service to those around me and the world as it needs me.

However, we live in a “reality” of green paper currency which makes the cost of this program substantial and significant, and thus I am seeking assistance from those who believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. From those who understand the need and benefits of such opportunities. For me, for the world, for our youth, our future, our community, and overall global well-being and health. For you.

We live in a world of both the obese and the malnourished, the over privileged and the ill-treated. Where a convenient superficial trait can guarantee you a career in a world of void reality depending on how much you sell your soul for. Where words of truth are laughed at and deceit is applauded. Despite this I know that I can find hope in all that’s around me and with that, stay true to my unique way of relating and interacting with the world while expressing my gratitude through acts of service and selflessness.

Remember, ANY contribution helps! No donation? No problem! You can help by sharing this to your friends and family, strangers and the courageous!

I hope that my belief and cause is of motivation to you. This isn’t a destination for me but the beginning of a life changing purpose and decision.

For any questions or further information regarding my trip, please email me and I’ll be more than happy to respond and provide references, updates, and answers to any questions.

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