Monthly Membership Club that “Helps Dogs by Dressing Humans” Invites Dog and Rescue Lovers to Support Crowdfunding Campaign and Receive “Paw-Some” Rewards.

Dallas, Texas — Dog Rescue Shirt Club, a monthly membership club that allows customers to “help dogs by dressing humans” with carefully curated shipments of custom-designed “T-Shirts of the Month,” is now live on Indiegogo. The t-shirt club allows animal enthusiasts an ongoing opportunity to give back to dog rescues nationwide, big and small, for just $20 per month. Each month, 100 percent of the proceeds from membership goes directly back to the selected rescue for that month. As Dog Rescue Shirt Club continues to gain popularity, the monthly membership club is seeking crowdfunding support to expand reach, support overall business goals and production, and aid more rescues nationwide.

Founded by Jim Scano, a former Dallas firefighter, long-time dog lover and rescue owner, and founder of Firehouse Shirt Club, Dog Rescue Shirt Club was born out of an understanding of the monthly membership model and a need to help more rescues. Scano is hoping Indiegogo supporters will help Dog Rescue Shirt Club reach the next level in its philanthropic efforts and help more dogs find their “furever” homes. With perks ranging from $5 to $500, supporters not only receive “paw-some” rewards, but also the joy and satisfaction of helping dog rescues and rescue dogs nationwide.

A sample of campaign perks include:

• Shirt and Sticker: For $25, supporters will receive a Dog Rescue Shirt Club branded t-shirt and a sticker.

• Six-Month Subscription and Sticker: For $100, supporters will receive a six-month subscription to Dog Rescue Shirt Club and a branded sticker.

• One-Year Subscription: For $250, supporters will receive a one-year Dog Rescue Shirt Club membership, a branded sticker and their name will be added to the DRSC website.

• Two-Year Subscription: For $500, supporters will receive a two-year subscription to Dog Rescue Shirt Club, a branded sticker and their name will be added to the DRSC website.

“Millions of dogs enter rescues every year, and most of those rescues are overcrowded and underfunded,” said Scano. “I chose to help make a difference and launched this Indiegogo campaign to garner even more support for this rising issue. If you’re not in a position to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter, our crowdfunding campaign creates an opportunity to still make a huge difference in the lives of rescue dogs. With each donation, we’ll be able to assist even more rescues who need us now more than ever.”

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About Dog Rescue Shirt Club

Dog Rescue Shirt ClubTM Dog Rescue Shirt Club sends out a new, authentic and high quality “T-Shirt of the Month” featuring a unique dog rescue across the country. For $20 per month (includes shipping) with no obligation or commitment, individuals can receive a t-shirt and know 100% of the proceeds go back to the featured rescue of the month. Dog Rescue Shirt Club shirts are from genuine dog rescues, “helping dogs by dressing humans.” For more information, visit: