We wanted this to be a very approachable game. So while it is super easy to learn to play, it is also only $10! It is currently available on Kickstarter. Cupid, the god of desire is now looking for a new love angel assistant to help him with matching up lovers all over the world.

Cupid has randomly chosen a speed dating event, and he is looking for an angel that can match-up the most pair of lovers in the quickest time possible. You as the player plays as one of the angel contestants.

You have to match up a pair of couples as fast as possible. It is a simple hand eye coordination game, but it is brilliantly fun to play. While each game can go on for 5-10 minutes, it only takes a couple minutes to learn the game!

The game is based on pure reflect! And it performs best as a light drinking game or any form of ice breaker game!

AGE: 6 +
PLAYERS: 2 – 4
GAME TIME: 5 – 10 Minutes

We are only doing a limited small run this time round and we think it can be a great add to anybody’s party game collection.

Who are we?

At Dollar Game Heaven, we believe game should be affordable & fun. While computer games are super fun, it lacks the physical contact and conversations with your friends and family. With our super affordable board game, it becomes very accessible for anyone to have a light hearted afternoon with your friends.

Aside from the money side of things, games at DOLLAR GAME HEAVEN are designed to be easy to learn and store. This way, it will not take up much of your mental or physical space.

Contact Information:

Email: dollargameheaven@gmail.com
Website: www.kickstarter.com