Miami/Fort Lauderdale, February 15, 2017 — Two South Florida female tech pioneers, Natalie Barnes and Denise Miqueli have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their online solution which helps parents manage their children’s school registration, lunch orders, payments, and more – all at no cost to the parent. Looking to lessen the time consuming and manual nature of a school’s reliance on having a paper trail for all things registration based, Clear Enroll offers schools and parents an easy online solution all from the comfort of their computer, tablet or mobile device.

Aimed at partnering with private, Montessori and pre-schools, Clear Enroll’s elimination of all things paper will save parents and administrators time. All the while, bringing an archaic system into the digital age. Nowadays, with most things being available at your fingertips, from groceries to taxi services, why should something as critical as children’s school registration, lunches, consent forms and payments be the exception?

“It’s difficult to find the time these days, everything else in our busy lives seem to be getting more convenient. Why should our kids’ school processes be any different?” says Natalie Barnes, CEO and mother of two.

Clear Enroll’s online solution works with each school to easily digitize their administrative process and connect with their internal systems, from student enrollment to information management.

Today, many schools simply use automated systems to manage internal processes such as payroll, attendance and student health information. Aside from outdated portal sites and newsletters, there is little to nothing helping bridge the gap between parents and school administration.

CXO, Denise Miqueli commented, “As product people by trade, we know the value of simple design and applying the latest technology to create a better user experience.”

Clear Enroll makes daily, monthly, and even yearly logistics clear and convenient for parents, providing them with instant online access to enter and manage their children’s information at no cost to them. The company’s tiered business model is focused on the school’s subscription to the platform.

The first phase of Clear Enroll’s online, responsive platform – the school lunch management system – is in its early developmental stages. A private pilot program is in the works, comprised of a handful of private schools in the South Florida area. Pending its success, Clear Enroll will begin developing its second phase – the online school enrollment system. These online solutions will be white labeled for use by any number of schools and activities, ensuring huge growth potential.

Natalie Barnes and Denise Miqueli have a combined 25+ years developing software products that focus on smart, user-friendly solutions to solve real world problems. Denise got her start in User Centered Design while working at for over 7 years. CBS Interactive alum, Natalie Barnes has been a leader in the Product Management space since 2005. They also have patented products, built and managed product teams, and co-founded other ventures such as the Women in Tech South Florida Group, with over 500 members.

Clear Enroll is now accepting donations through the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, in return for various rewards and gifts. The company is aiming to raise $20K in the next 30 days. For more information, visit the company’s website at:

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