Orlando, Florida – Eduonix Learning Solutions, a leading online e-learning company, has come up with a new campaign on Kickstarter for you to become an expert in Electron by building real world projects.

Electron is a unique development framework by which we can create desktop applications using web technologies. The new Electron course has been created to guide and direct the students through the process of building a simple desktop application and to touch upon the important concepts for building desktop application with JavaScript.

Through our Introduction Course of Electron many students have learnt the cross-platform framework for desktop application. Now it’s the time to learn some more interesting projects which will help you in enhancing your skills.

Eduonix Co-founder and CEO, Sushant Das, adds, “Electron is currently growing in terms of popularity and it’s seriously a great framework to work with, especially for newbies. However, courses that offer a more hands-on approach are seriously lacking, and this is why this course is important and needed!”

In this course, you will be working on 5 different projects which will help you create applications from simple level to an advanced one. The focus of this course is to make you more comfortable in creating applications through Electron.

Here is the list of the 5 tentative projects that you will build along with the course.

1. Pomodoro Clock: The Pomodoro clock is a time management method clock. This project will help you in creating a clock from ground up and teach you tasks like how to set the timer logic, add multiple clocks, etc.

2. Tic Tac Toe Game: Playing this game is very simple but programming it is tough. In this project, you will be learning how to make a game application that includes designing Xs and Os and notification.

3. Weather App: This project will help you in developing a weather forecast application and teach how to gather data from other sources through API and display it on the application.

4. Currency Converter: This project includes a making of a currency converter application where with the help of API you will learn to convert currency of a particular country to another.

5. Body Mass Index: This project will help you making a BMI application which uses person’s weight and height to calculate the BMI.
The success of the Kickstarter campaign will not only help Eduonix put in more resources on this course, but also give them a push for their stretch goals and to continue improving their platform and support for current and future students.

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