“Nine Deadly Killer Pussies: Cats vs Zombies” (9DKP) is a brand new anime that introduces shape shifters with nine lives

9dkpcvs-group-shot-for-KICKSTARTERNovember 20, 2013 — Erick Scarecrow, founder of wildly popular collectible toy company ESCToy, has joined forces with Japanese animation studio Asahi Productions to create a brand new anime with style like you’ve never seen before!

“Nine Deadly Killer Pussies: Cats vs Zombies” (9DKP) tells the story of nine feisty, memorable characters who are randomly chosen to receive shape shifting powers from a cat demon named Babusa. Once he is freed from his prison inside the 9 Eyes Stone, all hell breaks loose … and two legs quickly turn into four. But do these very different people have what it takes to work together, or will their rivalry against one another mean more bared claws and fangs?

With a cast that includes college students, rock stars, clairvoyants and grandmothers, 9DKP promises a kind of dynamic chemistry that you remember from all your favorite anime series. And with a brooding cat villain freshly freed from prison, you can be sure there’s going to be a epic catfight that even alley cats would shrink away from.

The first episode of 9DKP has been launched on Kickstarter, where you can learn more about the project. Each episode will be hand-animated by Asahi Productions and English dubbed and run 20 minutes in length. If you want more, tell us that you love it by hitting up our Kickstarter page and showing your support!

In the past, Asahi has worked on classic projects such as Saint Seiya, Fairy Tale, One Piece Strong World, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Attack on Titan and have contributed to over 100 anime productions. Asahi originated in 1973 and is one of Japan’s longest-standing animation studios.

“This is a fresh concept that is not based on existing successful comic series or game. We also think the crowdfunding platform of Kickstarter is very interesting. It’s a very new model for us to experiment with and having the audience participate with the development this way is a phenomenon,” said Jeongmin Kim, Head of Planning at Asahi Production.

ESCToy was founded in 2005 by Erick Scarecrow and has released over 200 individual collectible toy lines in formats such as plush, resin and vinyl. In the past they have worked with Sony Computer Entertainment, Naughty Dog, Klei Entertainment, and Limited Brands. They have won multiple awards, including Plush Toy of the Year from renowned collectibles blog Plastic & Plush.

Contact: Erick Scarecrow 646-225-9100/ erickscarecrow@gmail.com.