It is a completely original deck of playing cards, designed with both playability and collectability in mind. The style I used for this project is flat design, but in my own unique style. I used regular playing cards as an inspiration source. It resulted in a deck of cards that is very recognizable and unique at the same time.


I have always liked to play with playing cards since is was young. When I grew up I became a product and graphic designer. When crowdfunding and especially Kickstarter became popular I thought it was the right time to combine my passions and release my own deck of playing cards. I succeeded with this in 2015 by producing my first deck called Cultura Playing Cards. This was a personal success for me. The only thing that bothered me though was that Cultura was more of an art/design deck with detailed artwork on every card. This made it an unique and interesting deck, but it was less suitable for playing card games. This triggered me to design Essentia Playing Cards, which is more focused on playability while maintaining the designs I used in Cultura.


The Kickstarter period runs from 1/10/2017 till 31/10/2017. We are currently 30% funded which is great already, but there is still a long way to go. Supporting and sharing is greatly appreciated! I have put a lot of effort in the design of this deck, which I did next to my regular job. Only the final step is missing: bring this project to life!

It would be great if you could me to make this dream come true, so please support and share this project with your friends and family!