Seattle, WA — Angry Lychee LLC has released the first ever commercially available AI Pet Toy for preorder on Kickstarter. Designed to interact with your pets in a HIGHLY naturalistic way, the Felik product uses predictive motion tracking software combined with a wide field IR (infrared-sensitive) camera to control the motions of a laser pointer that’s been demonstrated to keep pets playfully entertained for extended periods of time, even while owners are away.

Most existing laser pet toys move in unnaturally random or pre-programmed patterns with no intelligence behind their dull movements. Others require full human interaction to control them in real-time, which is no different than simply moving a laser by hand. These products all lack the fast reactive intelligence needed to keep your pets fully engaged and focused on the hunt.

Felik can be activated manually, or managed on a pre-programmed schedule which is done through the Felik Companion App built for iPhone and Android. This app allows you to customize the AI’s behavior to match your furry hunter’s skill level and style.

Want to participate in the action? Felik allows you to suggest where the laser should go in real time using the live video feed on the app. For those concerned about safety, Felik will always do its best to avoid pointing the laser beam directly into your pets’ eyes the way other products have done, so it’s a safe bet there.

Felik’s creators understand that cats and dogs are born with a natural hunting and chasing instinct. Through play, they develop the necessary coordination and timing skills required to successfully stalk their prey. Yet most pet owners simply don’t have time to play with their furry pals on a regular basis, and just like human children, animals may turn to destruction and overeating to cope with their boredom. They may even become depressed. By mimicking the reactive movements of natural prey, Felik allows for a genuinely fun and engaging hunting experience that is just not possible with any existing product currently on the market. Felik was created by pet owners, for pet owners who genuinely cherish their furry friends.

Early supporters of the Kickstarter campaign can purchase Felik for the reduced amount of up to $92, which is roughly 52% of it’s planned in-store retail price. Felik can be wall mounted, placed on a shelf, countertop, or any other flat surface and powered easily via a standard 3 amp 5 volt power adapter. For those concerned with the décor of their homes, a slightly upscaled but optional mounting stand can be had for $9, or 50% off.

To see Felik’s full set of features in action, visit their live campaign FUNDING NOW!

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Yuri Brigance