Santa Monica, CA — Today, Bloom Technologies, a newly formed environmentally and socially oriented corporation, launched its first product into the market on the popular crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. Bloom™ is the first personal, indoor/outdoor air quality monitor designed to integrate pollution monitors with predictive analytics to help people breathe cleaner air. The wearable gadget is also complimented by an beautifully discrete charging station that allows for the device to smoothly transition into an indoor air quality monitor while it charges. Through the month-long campaign, Chris Ernst and Monica Diaz, founders of Bloom Technologies, aim to educate consumers on the immediate benefits of breathing clean air, to create excitement around their air gadget, and to secure enough pledges run production on a large scale.

The campaign, just over 12 hours into its life cycle, was very well received by the community. Bloom has already received almost 20% of its funding goal from 50 back, and continues to build momentum.

The development of this product is very timely, as air pollution continues to gain attention as a great threat to human health. Several parts of the world recorded their worst pollution levels in the last 12 months and, while governments are mobilizing to slow down emissions, the pollution already floating in the atmosphere remains a problem.

Bloom empowers users to create solutions on the individual level and ensure that they, and their loved ones, minimize their personal exposure to air pollution. By giving people a tool to identify and reduce, or avoid, the chemicals in their air, Bloom hopes to build healthier and more informed communities, and thus continue to promote the benefits of good air quality.

About Bloom Technologies

Bloom Technologies is a consumer electronics startup founded in 2017, in Santa Monica, CA, with the objective of developing environmentally and socially empowering Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Contact Information:

Monica Diaz
Bloom Technologies
+1 (415)577-2780