Los Angeles, California – Naomi Bennett, an ambitious MFA candidate, launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with the sole purpose of paying her cast and crew for their work on her MFA thesis production: Hold Me Tight.  Most of the cast has been working with her, pro bono, since January and, to embrace the professional spirit of the production, this Indiegogo campaign will enable the hardworking cast and crew to receive fair compensation.

Hold Me Tight is an original theatre performance inspired by the true-crime story of Christine and Lea Papin: sisters, maids, and supposed lovers.  On the evening of February 2nd, 1933, the two massacred their employer, Madame Lancelin, and her daughter, Genevieve, by gouging out their eyes, smashing their skulls, and beating the two women to an unrecognizable pulp.

“As an ensemble, we use dance, spoken word, soundscaping, and integrated media to explore the supposed incestuous relationship of the sisters: being ostracized, isolated, and how we, as performers, relate to their Delire a Deux.  Our explorations have unearthed issues of class, gender, sexuality, and the basic human need for physical touch.” – Naomi Bennett

Ms. Bennett’s Indiegogo fundraising campaign has already received attention from LA’s Theatre resource: Bitter Lemons and support from Bitter Lemons’ contributor Cindy Marie Jenkins, who has offered Social Media & Career Consultations as a perk to 2 people who pledge $50. Other perks include tickets to Hold Me Tight, a pair of tickets to the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Flying Trapeze Lessons, and many more.

The Indiegogo campaign will continue for another 7 days (it ends on October 16, 2014). Don’t miss your opportunity to support a budding theatre artist’s goal to hold her production of professional quality to a professional standard.

For more information or to donate to Ms. Bennett’s campaign, to click on one of the following:
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Tickets to show (Oct 20-22, 2014)
Bitter Lemons’ Article