Promoting your crowdfunding project, whether it’s Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or another platform, is a must, particularly within the first 7 days of launching your campaign. Check out our list below for some free ways to do this and leave a comment if we’ve left any out!

1. Reddit


Reddit is a user-generated news and entertainment website, or what is referred to as a “social bookmarking website.” Users can submit content, upvote it, and comment on articles/links. The community is divided into subreddits, which are essentially micro-communities surrounding topics like Kickstarter, Crowdfunding, Gaming, Music, and more.

On CrowdCrux, I wrote about how a reader harnessed the power of Reddit to attract $13,000+ in Kickstarter pledges. As with all communities, constant self-promotion is frowned upon, so it’s best to get involved early on in the subreddits most related to your campaign and mix in a bit of self-promotion every now and then.

2. Submit a Free Press Release

There are a lot of website online where you can submit a free press release for your project or news update. You can submit a free press release directly to CrowdfundingPR or you can use one of these free press release distribution sites.

Benefits of doing a free press release include:

  • – Well formatted press release link that you can send to journalists.
  • – Index in major search engines like google and yahoo for keywords related to your company and campaign.
  • – Exposure to a larger audience via the website’s traffic.

While by no means a silver bullet, it’s a quick and easy avenue to promote your project.

3. KickstarterForum’s “Get Tweeted Out” Promotion

kickstarterforum is running a promotion for a free tweet on @crowdcrux’s twitter account. They also offer a VIP program that is free to join and comes with extra campaign promotion.

As with all forums and online communities, it’s important to take advantage of forum signatures (can include a banner advertisement) and avatars to maximise the chance that other users check out your project.

4. CrowdfundingForum’s “VIP” Program


CrowdfundingForum recently launched a free VIP program (no longer open to new members) to help engage the community and spur discussion. In exchange for participating on the forum, creators have the opportunity to have their link on the forum sidebar, be shared on social media, and conduct an interview on the forum regarding their project or startup. The forum is also running a twitter promotion to be tweeted out (no longer active).

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a much overlooked social media site to promote a crowdfunding campaign. The key with Pinterest is to start or join an existing board related to your category. For example, if you are working on a new fashion accessory for women, you would seek to join a board related to fashion, or use the appropriate hashtags that others members are using. The board below has almost 1 million followers and has pins that are consistently re-pinned.

pinterest fashion board

6. Social Media Websites & Blogs

We’ve already compiled an extensive list of blogs related to crowdfunding and have shown you how you can discover bloggers in your niche. In addition to these lists, I recommend checking out this compilation of top social media sites.

Creating social media profiles for your business will pay dividends years down the road. You can also customize the header and cover images to promote your campaign like the example below from the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign.

reading rainbow twitter

Blogger and Journalist outreach is a bit more tricky than promoting your project on social media. When you’re marketing via a social network (ex. twitter), there are tools that you can use to track when people are clicking on your links or which postings are being shared most, like Buffer or Hootsuite.

It’s more difficult to gauge the effectiveness of your PR outreach. I recommend starting by creating a list of the publications you want to get on, then creating a separate lists of the journalists that work at those publications that are writing about topics similar to your story or product.

You can start to create this list by researching the publications that similar crowdfunding projects have gotten into. Once you have your list together, you need to create an angle for your story and nail down what is unique about your company and product.

The angle should take into account the publication’s audience and the topics that the journalist tends to write about. Think of this like sending out a resume. Your resume (or pitch in this case) should be tailored for each person you are sending it to emphasize what they will care about most.

When you send the email to a journalist, keep it short and to the point, with a eye-catching subject line. The journalist can then reference your longer version press release if they want to find out more information about your company. For more tips, see Six Ways To Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign On A Reporter’s Radar (written by a reporter).

7. BuzzFeed

Finally, BuzzFeed is another often overlooked platform to promote your crowdfunding project for free. In the recent record-breaking Coolest Cooler Kickstarter campaign, BuzzFeed was one of the publication that helped spread the campaign across Facebook.

coolest cooler buzzfeed kickstarter

There have also been members from KickstarterForum who have used BuzzFeed to promote their Kickstarter. Check out their campaign below and the BuzzFeed article they wrote.

seeking sublet kickstarter

seeing sublet buzzfeed

To submit content to BuzzFeed, you must first register and then create a post on your user dashboard.


There are a lot of free ways that you can promote your Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or other type of crowdfunding project. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment on this artilce!

  • Informative, great practical info! What if we aren’t sure which category we should list our campaign in? I have an educational site I would like to expand, I would like to add a fun video web series, but I also need help with funding for equipment and business fees, etc. any advice? Should I list in educational, web series or art? Thanks!

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      I think a good place to start would be to browse those categories and see if there are any other educational sites listed. Personally, I would place it under educational or web series rather than art.

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    I am The Teaspoon Bakery based in Tucson, AZ as a home baker. I specialize in custom baked goods for all occassions. I believe in all natural and healthy ingredients, and while ingredients like sugar may not be considered “healthy”, I strive to produce not only a cake that is yummy and as healthy as it can be by not using things like trans fats and artificial preservatives, but also offer organic and gluten free options. I also want to offer a lot of vegan choices in the near future! (I just have to perfect the recipes …grumble grumble)

    Please tell all your friends too! You know they want some! Donation perks are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!
    And remember, never trust a skinny baker 😉

  • Me

    Some of these crowdfunding sites don’t work unless you have rich friends. I have created a crowdfunding project and not one person I know or even a stranger has helped but yet I see so many people support someones party, or computer, or camera. I had to buy all that stuff. Read this please.

    • Laura R Gullett

      I know exactly how you feel. People are asking for trips and all kinds of stuff with a fund amount deposited right there on the page. I don’t know how they do it. I’m not a writer or political marketer. I guess they have rich friends. I’m about to be homeless and even trying to sell stuff, not just asking for any handout alone, and still only two people who know me gave a little. I found this site because of needing my campaign to be seen. Winter is cold and the rescued pets and I need to survive while I work on my imperfections and fix my life back to how it should be. I’m college educated, have pride and dignity. Setting up such a page is humiliating which means I would not do it unless I really had to. I’m not going anywhere either. I will always be online, therefore; I have to keep all respects to anyone who donates in order of course. I would do that anyway being that is the type of person that I am, but to strangers out there it is an extra assurance of you knowing my respect and appreciation is there to any person who donates. I will even report all donations on my taxes, but still one 2 have donated, no matter how vulnerable and honest I am about everything.

  • Savic Marko

    spread awareness of Jesus christ

  • James

    Hey guys, I am trying to raise money for business college! please view my campaign and please share this to help me follow my Dream! Thank you for your support.

  • Angelica Schiffer

    I am raising money for a medical trip to help those in need in the Dominican Republic, please share!! Love these options!!

  • Mellanie UrquiZa

    Hey guys! We are college student trying to get to a final for a competition in New York. We need help with traveling expenses. Shares and donations are much appreciated:).

  • Chris Justice

    My name is Chris Justice. I am a double-major in Music Education and English Education at a university in Tennessee and will soon be pursuing a masters degree in clarinet performance. I do not have much money at my disposal. I am a hard-working and diligent student and musician, but I could not afford my education if it were not for scholarships and grants. I am in desperate need of a professional clarinet to pursue my passion and further my educational career in music. I have saved every cent possible for the past year, but it just isn’t enough. I teach clarinet and various band camps throughout the year. Teaching and clarinet are my passions, and I want to continue to grow in these fields. Any amount would be extremely and graciously appreciated. If anyone would like more information, please feel free to contact me.

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    great info, I’m opening a smoothie and wellness shop in north Carolina please check out my kickstarter

  • ♥Shorty∽5’3♥
  • Wendy

    Help a single mom and her son keep their beloved cat, Leo. Please check out our “Life for Leo” campaign! Thanks for checking it out and please share or donate if you can.

  • Morgan Appel

    My mother passed away and we only have a few weeks to come up with the money for her cremation. Please help us; spread the word or donate if you can.

  • jeni

    If anyone would like to fund him or share his page I would be so grateful!

  • Wesley Martin
  • Chris Branco Share and tweet my wifes start-up business. Thank you

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  • sammi
    Please help if you can! If not please share on your social media! I’m trying to raise enough money so that my little girl can keep doing gymnastics! She is 8 years old and has major self esteem issues due to ADHD and ODD. She is awesome at gymnastics and its the only thing that she has ever stuck with and it makes her so happy. Unfortunately as a single mom its a lot for me to pay for! Please help it would kill her to have to quit!

  • KT

    Please donate and share to help me go back to college

  • Greg B

    Minority based Property reservation company. Please help our community come back to life #

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  • Francis

    Ive been seeing a lot people posting their gofundme and kickstarter links on this thread.

    If you have a website of your own you can actually work on crowdfunding your own projects using a mere simple widget.

    I do love gofundme and kickstarter but the rates they have are just unbelievable at times(this is an opinion)

    Anyway Im hoping each one of you gets the funding they need. Cheers!

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    Maybe ya won’t get to see this but what do I have to loose, possibilities are endless, I will be attending to Abilene Christian University this 2016 fall. I’m trying to get help from others to attend college to become a labor and delivery travel missionary nurse. So that I can travel to other countries or places to lend a helping hand. I am in need of help financially and my family and I can’t afford what the school is wanting. Yes, i completed my fafsa and yet the billing is still pricey and yes i filled as many as scholarships applications as i could yet i got none. If I can just get some help, it will help me pursue my dreams. And make wonders to my family. Thank you.

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  • skittles

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    Why not use a forum?
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  • Jacob Heimer
    I am disabled and anything will help, thank you

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  • Gareth Winston

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  • Michaelann Heinley

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  • Dubsty

    My name is Luis Alvarado. I’m a 17 year old student. I’m
    raising money
    to buy a sportbike. I need the funds in 1 year. I know this isn’t so
    important for some people. There are more important thing right now, but
    it is important for me, because my mom passed
    away in august 2015 in a fatal car accident and it was one of her dreams
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    (she always wanted to buy me a sportbike but it was to much money) but
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    suddenly she got hit buy another car going at 112 Mph. My mom’s car
    (Mustang 2004) got totally destroyed and caught fire and she got
    incinerated. It
    would mean alot to me if you helped me.

    This is my GoFundMe

    Thank you for your help.
    -Luis Alvarado

  • Misses Best

    Thanks for the ideas, I am hoping to draw more attention to my son’s go fund me account. Please read his story here: Thank you.

  • kenya butler

    Me and my boyfriend started a gofundme to raise money so that we can move out of my sister house and into are own but it seem like theirs no one who wants to help and I don’t usually ask for anything but I go and see people getting help for the most craziest things I don’t understand maybe god will touch somebody’s heart

  • Jade Hodge

    Hi. My name is Jade Hodge,I’m 17 years old, and I really really want to go to George Mason University. I recently graduated high school with a 3.3 GPA. I have done everything to receive funding for GMU. Im posting this everywhere. This is really really important to me. If there is anyway you can donate it would be greatly greatly appreciated. Any little bit Counts. Please, Share Share Share.
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  • Janel Louis

    Female Veteran faces Eviction. Female veteran faces eviction due to a decrease in job hours. Will you help? No donation is too small. Please click on the link below to donate. Thank you.

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  • disqus_oBw0ESh5Jh

    I would like to share my gofundme page
    I’m a new mom and have been having a couple of really bad years. I’m in a family shelter now and is kind of hard to complete all the tasks they want you to. Go to offices throughout all new York when I don’t have an income so I’m barely making it work. And also the task of finding a job of at least 35 hours that makes me the income they want me to achieve your be able to receive the help and get out of the system. My goal is to put my paperwork in order so that way finding a job that pays a little more than the minimum is possible for me. Pay taxes and try to get out of the system as fast as I can. All I want is a better life for my family and not be struggling from penny to penny. I would really appreciate any help. From the bottom of my heart. Thanks.

  • James Matthew Hutton

    My friend and his wife are both working individuals and they are wanting to buy their own home. but neither of their credit scores are good enough to be able to obtain substanial assisstance in regards to getting their own home. They recently were contacted by an old landlord who offered to sale them a house on Contract for 5000 down. Any help that they can get would be highly appreciated. If anyone is willing to help me out…

  • Nathan

    Hi, it would be great if you could donate to my Eagle Project. I need $300 before the end of this summer.

  • KaeTay

    I’m trying to raise the final $4,200 for
    my last year of college. My goal is to work in the forensics field. I
    have paid intership applications ready to be filled out and a mentor who
    works for the colorado bureau of investigations who is helping me
    navigate the field. I just need to finish these last 11 courses. I
    currently how a B- GPA but plan to graduate with a 3.0. Anything helps!
    Even sharing!

  • Stephanie Buehner

    Hello new here please help battle IIH idiopathic intracranial hypertension I’d like to hear thoughts and comments . Any loved on can get this at anytime please go to
    To be more aware of this very rare disease.
    Thank you all for your wonderful support 🙂

  • Jm Nadurata

    I was wondering if your facebook page can do a shoutout for my GoFundMe page. My dog is really sick and needs emergency operation.
    I’ve started a gofundme to help my family pay for the medical bills, and need asap for this operation.

    Thank you

  • Linda

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  • Clinton Dale Schweizer
    Anyone a please take a second to share this for me, My wife is having the surgery October 7th, and we might literally be homeless with our 5 children shortly after, We manage to barely get by right now, as I am unable to work, seeing back doctor have had one surgery already and looks like Ill need another soon. So my wife is our only income, we are real people with a real problem. We have had same land lord for a year and his policy is if rent is late even by one day he will start eviction process, so for the past year we have not been late, we have one vehicle with payments, I just need a little help before my wife is off work for recovery from surgery, to pay ahead on rent and car payment, and keep other utilities turned on.. Help if ya can but please share,, Thank you and God Bless

  • Please support our community center

  • Billy Geit

    Maybe my site is a good idea, too?
    It’s free of charge.
    The site is new, it’s why you see few projects there.

  • Brian Wynn

    If anyone is reading this I’m trying to get help with a hard struggle I’m dealing with and need help getting some money together for my family we lost nearly everything due to a drunk driver who hit us and was never caught we just need your support I’m supporting this fundraiser:

  • James

    Fantastic list, there are a lot of goodies in here. Another one to add is which is basically a free promotion on an email newsletter which works great, and its free so 🙂

  • Paula Harmon

    Hoping people will share…my circle of friends are pretty small, as is family, and I have found it true, that small circles are unfortunately quite a hindrance to this sort of endeavor. We’ve had a pretty hard go of it the last few years, as I am sure many have, hence the abundance of funding campaigns and sites. We are still struggling to rectify our situation on our own, but at this point need to try whatever we can for the sake of our little girl…

  • Yazid Zahrawi


    This man needs ur help to survive against Sclerosis

  • Mona Smith

    I’m asking if anyone could donate to my go fund me campaign. I have been living with Multiple sclerosis for 10 years and it has completely took a toll on my life. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help out. thank you in advance. Here’s the link

  • Mona Smith

    hello everyone, I’m writing you because i would like to share my story. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis also known as MS. MS is a neurological disorder which causes my body to attack itself by destroying the myelin sheath ( the covering of the nerves), which can cause damage to the nerves, also causes poor impulses/lack of nerve impulses. I have been living with MS for 10 years, my life hasn’t been the same since then. I went from being active with my family and friends, I was just a person that was always full of energy; now somedays i can’t even get out the bed because of my increased fatigue and at times muscle weakness. I had a career as a nurse which I just simply loved, I really enjoyed caring for people. October of 2015 this all changed, I exhibited a relapse with my MS which caused me to go into exacerbation and this time it wasn’t good. This attack caused me to have to use a walker. I went from caring for people to now I had to have someone care for me. I asked God “why me!” what did i do to deserve this? with the grace of God by February of 2016 I regained my ability to walk again but i was left with some weakness and severe pain to my neck and back due to the new growth that was observed on my brain and spine. I had to quit my career as a nurse because of my disability. I applied for for SSDI which I was denied. My husband and I are out of options, we are asking if the club could pray for our family. My husband and I is asking if you could please share our campaign page. this would mean so much to us. Thank you again for your time may God bless everyone. please follow the link:

  • Kelly Wilcox please support my child’s college funding.

  • Natasha

    On Monday August 8th, Jacques Lambert was in a tragic accident that claimed his life after falling into a cement truck. This Go Fund Me page was set up to support his wife and two children that have been left behind.

    Please consider donating and sharing the post. The page is set up to help ease the financial pressure off of the family and allow them the time needed to grieve the loss of a man that loved his family and left the world way to soon.

  • aussj4link

    Hi all. A friend of mine’s family is in need of some help to move to a better place where she can better provide for her family. In order to achieve this, she is requiring help financially. Any donation, even a single dollar, would help and be very much appreciated. If you’d like to donate, use the link below to find her GoFundMe page and thank you. Even if you cannot donate, simply sharing her page will help greatly as well.

  • Celste

    This is my link hopefully you all can help me. It’s a campaign to try to raise money so my significant other can get his daughter back. She’s in her mothers care and her mother isn’t a fit mom, so please help.

  • Quenten

    can everyone please share my campaign, im trying to become an actor but i live in a place where its not possible and im trying to move to california and get going on my career, if you cant donate please at least share my campaign, any donations will be appreciated thank you very much

  • Kellie Huckeba
  • Melody Chanteuse

    Possibly the only crowdfund campaign where YOU make money!! As they say a Penny saved is a penny earned. Save over $250 a month on Actos for diabetics
    NO membership required. I am not affiliated with this website I just wasted nearly $200 this month on medicine and wanted to share! please share on facebook and twitter thanks!

  • Scott Remaley

    My name is Scott Remaley. I would love to share my story with you.I was finally diagnosed with major depression between Chapel Hill, NC and Stroudsburg, PA. I also sought help with spending roughly 2 yrs in Newburgh, NY. Currently, I am in Chapel Hill getting treatment from UNC-Chapel Hill which has the best doctors around. I came to Chapel Hill with few resources and little income. I found myself struggling on the streets battling an appeals case with SSI. I have a lawyer working on my appeals case. I am going to court in October but the judge will not make a ruling until a month or two after the court date. I don’t have much of a support system here in Chapel Hill. The shelters here are so full that it causes people to sleep on the streets months at a time. It’s difficult to get in the shelter, and I have difficulty being around people. There are no other housing resources for me at this time. I attend a great church every Sunday and I feel I came to the right place to start a new life. I am raising money so I can have start my new life.

    For more on this story and to make a donation in any amount, Please go to my gofundme page . Please share with with family and friends as well.

  • Josh Rogers

    Plz read any help would be appreciated

  • Josh Rogers

    Plz read any help would be appreciated.

  • Renee

    Hi everyone. I really need some help. I was a passenger in a car accident a few months ago and ended up with almost 6000 dollars in medical bills. I had some bad internal bruising, lost a tooth, and ended up with injuries to my shoulder and pelvis that have not fully healed yet. I also ended up with seatbelt burns across my chest and shoulder. I need help paying medical bills.

  • David Eta

    My name is David Eta, I live in Cameroon. I’m a high school graduate. Since I was a kid, helping my community and making it a better place has been my number one priority. I have always wanted to fight against the environmental problems and other hazards that destroy my communtiy and other communities in Africa. I’m here at GoFundMe to plead with the world to help me in the realisation this dream.
    I always knew that, to make this happen I would need to get an advanced education. And, that’s one number on my mind now. The only problem is just most Africans it won’t be easy to afford that. I’m pleading with the world to help in anyway they can to help me afford this education, so I can help my community in the near future.
    The funds generate will be used to pay for the for the period I will be studying. This means so much to me because my community is my family, and doing this to make my community a better place is the best thing I can ever do. I will be very gratefu for what ever contribution who are able to make. Thanks as you donate and please help me share the word around thanks a lot and God bless you. My GoFundMe campaign link is

  • Zac_Wong

    We will distribute backpacks with basic necessities including food, water and medicine to bring comfort, health, safety and warmth to children and families living with poverty. We will distribute at least 10,000 backpacks to poor children across Asia in 2016.

    We collect and personally distribute relief packs to poor families fleeing oppression and persecution to aid children in their journeys to brighter future.

  • cammie

    Thanks for wonderful information and I want to add Crowdfund in this list. It is also one of the best platform for promoting crowdfund campaign. Today there are so many fraudulent companies on the scene that you should have to be extra careful while choosing the legal one.

  • shawn bellew

    I really hope this is allowed! Our son will be graduating from USMC Parris Island and we are really hoping and praying that we can make it to the biggest achievement that an 18 yr old boy has made. Please help our family if you can. My husband works 50+ hrs a week just to make end meet and I am sick and unable to work. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

  • HannahClaire
  • Yedida Shalhevit Fink
  • Cas
  • James Sampsons
  • Breanna Unknown
    Ok so I started a fundraiser for my sister and it hasn’t been successful. Can I get others to look at it and see what I am doing wrong?

  • Luke Stiles
  • Gift N. Mtambo
  • Aaron’s Kreative Arsenal
    Hello artist patron , my name is Aaron Ollero and I am a multi-talented artist. I draw comics, design,take photos,dance,do martial arts and write poetry. I am 28 and although I was born in the Philippines, I now live in Wailuku, Maui. My passion for art is growing daily, I first started drawing when I was a little 6 yr. old, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my subject. I went to school and did the normal school things with the other kids such as marbles and milk covers, but I also kept drawing. Anime came out and I was hyped, I loved the art in anime so much it inspired me to come up with my own style of comic/anime. I want to introduce anime and comic art into the fine arts world one day, I may need help doing so. I have heard that comic and superheroes now have college course. It’s similar to what I want to do. In 2012 I also started taking photos. I want to one day do all kinds of arts and learn all kinds of skills so I was stoked to have found another medium. My photography subject will be of everything I see while I journey through Maui. I feel that some parts of life are unnoticed and these things I take pictures of. Photography made it’s way into my life through an Ex-girlfriend but I loved it so much that I want to keep on taking photos forever.

    My campaign is to help me keep learning and growing my art. I am an artist that needs exposure and want to make my mark in the world. Part of my campaign is to invite others with abilities into a creative company I am trying to start up called “Kreative Arsenal”. Anyone willing to donate financially or with their skills is invited to collaborate with me in my efforts. With your investments I can recruit others and also buy better equipment for me to create art with.

    Contributors will help me find all the missing pieces to help me start my journey. I am a local boy in Hawaii and haven’t had much time exploring the outer world. As with everything knowledge and experience about the world goes a long way. With your donations I would be able to fly to a destination that inspires me to create and grow as an individual. If the world was free I would definitely keep practicing my art, but it’s not and I need your help to sustain living and to explore the world. Through art I have found my spiritual calling, help me fullfill these goals.

    What We Need & What You Get

    I am in need of a camera and other art supplies. I also use the computer for digital art and would love to have an art specific computer equipped with a touch drawing tablet. The biggest contribution your donations would help me with is gaining experience and helping me see the world for inspirations. What you would get as a contributor would be access to my photos you can use as stock images. You would also be able to contribute ideas for Kreative Arsenal. As a contributer you would be able to give your ideas and take part in my Super Hero story.

    The Impact
    My project is valuable to the world because more people need to be intouch with their life callings. Life purpose calls people with many God given talents and I plan to bring them all together. If we could bring around a new age Rennaissance, man will have reached another pinnacle in human evolution. In the first Rennaissance man was able to develop their abilities at a much more progressive and excellerated rate. I want to start an art and spirituality revolution.

    Risks & Challenges
    Some challenges that I might come across are not enough exposure and not enough insiprations. In order for me to overcome these obstacles I will update my content everyday for my viewers and ask them to spread the word. My plan to defeat these problems would be to get my community in Maui to get involved. I would also love to be able to travel the world and be insipired by the greats.

    Other Ways You Can Help
    You don’t need to donate to help out. please share my campaign with others on your social media sites and help get support for my art and Kreative Arsenal. Remember to use your social network share tools.
    To fund my art endeavors visit my crowdfunding sites

    To see more of my work please visit my websites

    contact me on my email or skype

  • NightOwl Momma
  • Dalis DeLeon

    Please take a few minutes to read my story… I’ll be forever grateful.

  • Amanda Raynor

    Please if you can’t personally help please share the word. Thank you

  • Amanda Raynor
  • Nicole Kerr

    Some great tips above and below by awesome contributors. This is the first time setting up an account with gofundme and I’m nervous. Asking for help is not always easy and putting myself out on there is a little daunting. Help me to help my son. Visit the Healing for Tommy Fund

  • Hazirah

    Please help me to fund for my tuition fees to school. I really want to go to school to make myself better. I will even give updates about my school if I have to every week. And I want to get a better job to make my family proud.

  • qclar
  • Aperture Comics

    Aperture Comics. We sell what we must because we can.

    My name is Ryan. I am just an average guy, looking to help introduce a community to the Geek Side. Comics, merchandise, board games etc.

    I can only do this with your help. With your donation, I will be one step closer to being able to open a physical store.

    As thanks, for every donation, I will send you a free comic, no matter where you are!
    Help spread the word!

    • igo fin

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  • kandy ekhator

    please help my family out, we are about to be homeless in this cold weather. thank you.
    please share this link if you can. I have a 10 months old and will appreciate any help you can offer.

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  • Mary Äa

    My team and I are partnering up with a one-stop resource center for young adults with extra challenges called Tempo. Tempo helps these young adults focus on achievement, employment, schooling, healthy relationships, and practical skills to reach future goals. Although this is a class project, my team and I hold this assignment near and dear to our hearts as we all work towards Human Services degrees and hope to find ourselves someday working for establishments with similar goals to Tempo. We are anyone to help us get to our goal of 3,000$ so we can achieve our plans. Any amount big or small would be greatly appreciated by both my Team as well as the Tempo family.

  • patricia garcia

    Hello, I am a college student living on campus with disapproval from my parents for choosing my education. I am currently struggling to make ends meet and would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out by donating to my gogetfunding page, anything counts, even fifty cents. If not keep me in your prayers to figure things out. Thanks.

  • Andrejs Gudilins

    Help in achieving a lifelong dream!

    Hi there, Dear Reader,
    I’m contacting you today in hope to raise money to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer. Full description of the project is featured in the link below, so I’ll try to make it short, not to waste much of your valuable time.
    Why I am raising money?
    Now it feels like I’m facing a deadlock situation in my journey of becoming a photographer because of my gear. I can’t embody most of my ideas into life because of the simplistic equipment.
    Why should you support my cause?
    Usually I’m not the one to ask somebody for something, but after much consideration, I came to the conclusion that I don’t have many spare options. I understand that there are many other worthy causes for fundraising, but in my case you will help a fellow student make the dream become a reality and I will be forever grateful for any possible help. I’m determined to continue working hard and moving forward to achieving my dream no matter the outcome, but your help will be much appreciated. So you have the power to change my life for good.
    What you can do:
    Thank you very much for taking the time to read about my message to you and if you are ready to do your part to help, you can choose to show your support by donating to my fundraising page on –
    And don’t forget that sharing is caring, so I will be very thankful if you can share this project with other people.
    Every little bit helps whether it is $1 or $100.

  • Regi Morales

    Angelie’s battle with cancer fundraiser

  • Jimmy A Londo
  • Haute Swan

    Please help make a tiny donation to help this baby

  • Heather
  • Heather
  • sophia

    Hi everyone, Just posting my campaign up so people can check it out any help would be nice but even just support would be great too.

    I’m struggling to keep the roof over my daughters head right now as i can’t work because of a tumour in my head, i’m constantly going to different appointments for it as its affected a lot including my infertility luckily had my daughter just before the tumour grew so i have her in my life but i’ve just had an op for my infertility so struggling to even move around the house right now so all i can possibly do is ask for help.

    so i’m feeling really helpless right now, my partner is trying hard he is studying to bring us a better future at the same time as doing loads of odd jobs just to get through but sadly its catching up on us.

    it’s got to the point where its either my daughter starves or loses her home. in the end i choose for her to eat and now we might lose our home if we don’t come up with the funds. i’ve tried loans and credit cards but have too bad credit as we had a friend stay with us who ran up loads of debt in my name then ran off so had to get loans in the past to cover that and now my names been dragged into the dirt i cant get help from them.

    I know there are a lot of important campaigns out there and mine seems silly compared to everyone elses, but i just hope there is people out there willing to help even just a little bit so myself and my daughter don’t become homeless.

  • sam

    please help spread this campaign so far we’ve had no luck receiving any donations yet people who use gofundme for frivolous reasons somehow get more support than they even need I don’t know how they do it but im posting this campaign to every site I can even if you cant donate please just share this with friends and family

  • sam
  • sam
  • sam
  • Imani Ramsingh

    I am a second year student attending Spelman College the number on Historically Black University in the nation. Among my peers I major in Political Science on the pre law track. But like my peers I also share the common tragedy of not having enough money to finish. Through my dedication I have been able to propel myself enough forward in order to graduate Spelman in 3 years instead of the standard 4, and plan to go to law school straight after at the age of 20. Please join me in supporting my fight to finish my education at my dream school, and begin to pursue a law degree. Anything helps, no matter how small or large. God bless you.

  • Dave Laneve

    Wow, I’m going to have to try these on this list. Also someone mentioned to me to try craigslist. I suppose anything is worth trying, esp if it’s free.
    I recently started a gofundme to help me while I’m writing a book. I’m laid of from my normal job, so I’m writing full time, and need help with my personal expenses, food money, etc while I’m writing. Also need money for publishing costs, editing, proofreading, copyrights, printing, etc. I have been posting every day on facebook, but so far none of my family or friends are helping me out. 🙁

  • Shankar

    Hi Am A Critical Condition Suffering Fm Spinal Cord With MS, It’s Been Long Now I Am Running Post to Pilar fr Funds, But No Results Yet, & Hv No Money To Pay Fr Many Approch To Market Post Promote, Am Hope less & Need Possible Help & Support & Any Cotribution Shall Be Appriciated, Thanks Wish I Could Get A Reply As Well.

  • BreezyDon’t TrustEm
  • Alexa Ramon

    Hey I know this might be another person asking, but please take a look at my page. I’m not asking for money. Just a couple minutes. Read my story. If you donate, thank you. If not, thank you for reading. Please share if possible. Thank you.

  • Stephanie Hall

    Some people out there are asking for money for things that they really don’t even need, and I’m over here like my mom just passed away and we need money to lay her to rest , and people won’t even try to help. This is such a heartless and cruel world. I don’t understand people. Only if they ever find themselves in the same situation will they understand that owning a new boat, a new car, or taking fancy trips don’t matter when you are gone. I’m so lost, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to ask for charity, because people look at it like I’m begging, or they ask why we don’t have the money for stuff like this. All our money went towards taking care of mom while she was here, and she was denied life insurance….. Im sorry I just dont know what to do anymore. My life has turned into such a complicated mess.

    • Malcom Flex

      Sorry it must be hard reach out to all extended male family members and friends keep asking keep asking somebody will say yes to you.

  • Marketing Apes

    Here’s the handy little charger we’ve been waiting for – the Jumper Card ! It’s a charging cable, power bank, sync transfer and data storage all in one great little device. Carry it with you and you’ll never be without power.

  • SlyDude
  • Alyssa Gant

    please share this link my grand parents house is in really bad shape there are holes in the ceiling,floors and walls.They need help.Thank you

  • Natanel Yosef Soussana

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    good luck for ALL

  • Crystal Marshall
  • Tyler Mosley

  • martin

    please support our campaign for glenn we have 7 days to raise as much as we can to house him please rt we need as much support as possible ur support with this would be greatly appreciated

  • Quenten
  • Nikita Aitken

    I am fundraising for a boy called Logan otherwise known as Bear

    He is very poorly and due to have an operation in July otherwise will pass away

    Please donate and share as much as you can

    This boy is poorly and needs our help

    Please donate and share as much as you can! Thankyou

  • Gerald Garrett

    Please support, make a donation and help make this project happen. #HelpMakeThisHappen MAKE A DONATION NOW !!!

  • Michael Yeadon

    Please check this out and read what I say

  • Wanda Hartford
  • Wanda Hartford

    I am starting a funding page for a dear friend of mine who lost everything in his house fire.Not to mention he also had his toe amputated a few weeks ago as well does any one have any ideas on how to help get the donation page out in the public eye besides facebook????

  • Darwin Hamid

    are you fan of Bali and want to stay mor for less ?
    Check us out..–2#/

  • Laura Dealba

    Please help me save my fathers life

  • Uday Hegde

    Hi, support this young mother to fight Cancer and disability.Need your support to her .

  • Shelly coffman
  • TalonDesigns

    Thank you so much for all of this help. I am too, trying to get a KickStarter campaign underway. Unfortunately, I have the idea (I think) but limited resources to spend on the campaign trail.

    Anyway, if you are interested in seeing (or just allowing me to spam a quick link) here it is. It’s a fidget spinner that you attach to your lighter. 🙂

  • Stephanie Conklin

    Hi! My name is Stephanie and I’m 17. I’ve been doing musical theater since I was six years old. All throughout school, I wanted to study veterinary medicine, but still continued to work at theater because it was something I loved. After joining a local theater company in Modesto in 2015, I realized that theater is my true passion.
    When I applied for AMDA, it was long shot I’d even get in. One online application, 2 letters of reccomendation, and a shaky audition later, I got accepted! They only have a 23.7% acceptance rate, so you can imagine my shock when I was chosen to have the honor of attending such a prestigious college! I’ve been so ridiculously lucky to have such good training from all the theater experience I have to get me to where I am today.
    Things have been rough. My mother has been in and out of jobs and is currently unemployed and a student, just like I will be soon. AMDA is very expensive. It is a rigorous program that promotes professionalism, talent, creativity, and training. The faculty are either working professionals or have been at one point. It will give me all the training I need to start my career in the theater industry.
    Financial need shouldn’t impede higher education.
    Please help me make my dreams become a reality.
    Thank you!

  • Tamera Thelisme
  • Do you have any idea where I can submit Press Releases specifically for start-ups or crowd-funding only? We feel the free press release is too generic.

  • Vladimir

    Hi everyone. In my first crowdfunding I try to gather the money on mining farm for get more free time to make music. If you want you can help me:
    Thank you.

  • Jette

    Please help! I have had a failed Kickstarter, have been rejected for
    many grants and loans, and have had a GoFundMe up for over a month with
    only a single donation. I am a single mother trying to get my small
    business making all natural bath, body and skin care products up off the
    ground. I have been given a new opportunity to get my business up and
    running, but I need your help! I have two separate
    giveaways going right now – you get an entry for each share, and an
    entry for every donation. This business is my sole means of income, and
    how I provide for my special needs child. Please take the time to read
    my story, my updates, watch my video, and please, share and donate if
    you can. Much love and light to you all, and many thanks! <3

  • Jette

    Please help! I have had a failed Kickstarter, have been rejected for
    many grants and loans, and have had a GoFundMe up for over a month with
    only a single donation. I am a disabled single mother trying to get my
    small business making all natural bath, body and skin care products up
    off the ground. I have been given a new opportunity to get my business
    up and running, but I need your help! I have two separate giveaways
    going right now – you get an entry for each share, and an entry for
    every donation. This business is my sole means of income, and how I
    provide for my special needs child. Please take the time to read my
    story, my updates, watch my video, and please, share and donate if you
    can. Much love and light to you all, and many thanks! <3

  • Juris Efneris

    This support is crucial for me and it will enable me to keep dreaming big and working hard towards my ambitions.

  • Christo Lake

    Nice Article. For running a crowdfunding campaign you can check or if you don’t want a paid service, then you can simply check out their blogs that are quite helpful for running a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • Paul Puvilland

    Hello there, very interesting article, even if it didn’t bring me the right answer I’m looking for, where we can promote on blogs and forums our crowndfunding campaign. I’m a writer and directo, and my first short film will be REDUX, you can watch the crowdfunding campaign here :–2/x/16392019#/

  • Christina St John
  • Mari Achi

    Help my sis get to Japan! 🙂

  • Mechelle Veronica

    Please help me with my miracle babies

  • ashley odell
  • My grandfather is a disabled Army veteran who needs help! Please help me share his story!

  • HollyBeth Morris
  • Suzi
  • Dean Carter
  • traien

    I am Syrian Refugee and I am Applications Developer , I plain to teach my friends in Syria Developing and English language through internet , But I haven’t PC to do that and PC to my friends in Syria , My purpose is buying two laptops to my friends in Syria and one for me, so I need help to make that possible .

  • Anna

    I’m making a travel guide called Maui on the Budget.–2/x/2726908#/

  • Laura Nicholson

    Thank you for taking your time to read. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Rottie Tahmasebi

    Exactly what it says…. i hate asking but am struggling helping her out. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Dao Sylla

  • Hello Everyone we know on facebook. As some of you may have seen a recent facebook post I did a few days ago, I experienced pronounced loss of vision in my right eye while at work on April 29th.
    I was seen in the E.R. and informed at the time by the on-call doctor that after an initial exam that it was possible I was facing permanent loss of eyesight in that eye. Since that hospital facility lacked the type of equipment required to get a better read on my situation he referred me to an eye specialist that agreed to open up his office on a Saturday afternoon in order to examine me. We were told to go straight there, no stopping at home first or going anywhere else on the way to his office. That meant time was of the essence and it certainly got our attention.
    It was Dr. Weidman’s assessment since my eye cavity was so full of blood he was unable to even see my retina. He performed an ultrasound and determined that I did have several tears in the retina. I was given the option to wait it out for up to six months to see if the blood cleared on its own or I could opt for surgery. After two weeks of adopting the wait and see approach I agreed to have the surgery. By choosing not to wait it meant I could return to work sooner and stem the loss of not having household income.
    I underwent the surgery on May 11 and my sight has been restored to its previous 20/40. We are both very grateful to have been referred to such a wonderful surgeon in Dr. Weidman.
    I would say you can’t put a price on having your sight, but apparently the medical community can! I was trying for a little humor there. So that means the bills have started to arrive in the mailbox. It never takes long does it?
    I spent approximately three hours at the hospital as an outpatient. The cost just for those few hours comes in around $14,000. The surgeon fees are separate as well as the E.R. visit charge and a separate charge for the E.R. doctor that I saw for just around one hour. So for those two separate charges that is hovering around the $1,600 amount. The charge for when Dr. Weidman opened his office on that Saturday is nearly $900. It is estimated his surgical fee is going to be around $2,500.
    So if you are still with me this is all adding up to quite a substantial amount of medical bills. We have applied through the hospital’s financial counseling department for a Charity Application. If we qualify we could be eligible for a 40 discount of just the hospital charge. I wrote a letter to make a case for ourselves. Part of the letter included that in December 2015 when Michael was diagnosed with blood clots in his legs that had moved to his lungs we had incurred a $19,000 hospital charge that we are still in the midst of paying off. Due to Michael’s diagnosis he is no longer able to work and is now receiving Social Security benefits. I have appealed to have the monthly $328 payment lowered so we could make room for this new bill.
    So between my $800 to $900 earnings a month and what Michael’s disability is, we are able to meet our monthly household obligations but this new series of medical charges is really putting is in a tough bind.
    So this is why we have decided to go public and fund a page. We are reluctant to do this but pride cannot get in the way of us being able to make sure we can stay in our home with our beloved cats. Whom I am sure would just love to know all of their names. So here we go, Patches, yes she is a Calico, Petey, yes a female, KC, short for kitty cat, Mister Doggee Boy, because I have always wanted to have a dog but couldn’t because we have nervous Nellie cats and finally Finley, our west coast addition.
    I am not sure how to end this request for donations on our behalf other than to say THANK YOU all very much in advance for anything you feel comfortable about contributing to the cause. Plus the aforementioned cats say meowy much too.

    Michael & Lee Sales

  • Dejvis Nikollaj

    What would ever make u end up in a country way out in the Balkans? Our documentary ofc. A 12 episode documentary where we bring you all about Albania. The beauty, the people, the history, the reasons to watch us and maybe later to see what we make you see for yourself. Watch a group of young people travel this country and give you a detailed map of all the best Albania has to offer. Check out our project on kickstarter and support us through funds to make all this happen.

  • Jamal Bechri
  • Miriam Aschi
  • Alisha
  • Alisha

    Need help getting a service dog

  • jeroendekangeroen

    My little doggies surgery needs to be paid asap…..going under the knife tomorrow……please help….

  • Kujo Moon
  • Ronica Morris

    I’m just tryin to fund the beginning of my next step in my educational career. Please if you can help, I’m not ready to give up. If you could share or donate, that would help a lot.

  • Ishtiaq Ahmad
  • Ishtiaq Ahmad

    The Crown is a story of self identification, struggle and loyalty. The one person most people get to know the least is themselves. Truthfully, it is extremely difficult to see yourself the way the rest of the world sees you. Contribute to our campaign, send us a picture and tell us what YOUR Crown is. We will send you a digital copy of our poster with you in it! ($25 Perk) Tell the world who you are! Most “Instagram likes” can land a role!
    View the trailer below! #whatsyourcrown

  • Valerie Machuca
  • s lidii

    Hi all,
    My brother was in a terrible motorcycle accident a couple days ago. Driving a friend’s bike home, unfortunately my brother Jason did not make it to the destination. He has been in a coma since and will require several surgeries. If anyone could possibly donate that would be amazing! If not, that’s okay, I just wanted to try to share this Gofundme here.
    Thank you

  • Rob Franks

    Hey guys! making a short film called Crumpet Quest 6 take a look!

  • Dustin Fuhrman

    Vet and his family need help

  • FL1075

    Upcoming Amazon Alexa powered Smart Alarm Clock PACKED with features.

  • Johnny Warwick

    I help build this campaign, what do you think of the buisness model and would you back it?:

  • Jasmin Bolte _ Student – Middl

    Hi! My name is Jasmin Bolte, a high school junior from North Carolina. Today, I’m asking for your help to get me to Thailand.
    Recently, in my research class, I was asked to develop a research question and conduct research on the topic. I found an article that encouraged people not to ride elephants when they travel to South Asian countries, such as Thailand. This really sparked my interest, as it is something I have always dreamed of doing. Upon further research, I found that the popular activity known as “elephant tourism” leaves many elephants mistreated and abused, and often abandoned when they become too old to carry people. Upon completing my research, I decided that I wanted to get involved, and help educate people on ways to ethically interact with elephants.
    One of the ways I have found that would help me to achieve my goal is a service trip to Thailand. On this 21 day trip, I will have to opportunity to live in a secluded elephant sanctuary and help to provide aid and care for aging, injured, and retired elephants. I will also have the opportunity to learn about the drawbacks and benefits of elephant domestication, as well as how to help educate people about elephants.
    This service trip is scheduled for the summer of 2018. Already I have gathered nearly $500 dollars by working, as well as selling custom t-shirts. With your help, I will be able to fund my trip and take the weight of paying off of my parents’ shoulders.
    Your help and generosity is extremely appreciated, and means the absolute world to me. Thank you so much for your gracious support and benevolence.
    Note: there are also reward levels that allow for people who donate a certain amount of money to receive either a free t-shirt or a t-shirt and a hat, all with logos that support the cause.

  • sabreen gamble

    Imagin-a-bowl is the perfect addition for every kitchen on a mission.

  • sabreen gamble

    Imagin-a-bowl – Is the perfect addition for every kitchen on a mission.
    You’ll save time on the prep and keep the pep in your step!

  • Anthony BigBoi Holmes

    Please Help…
    In October of 2014 Walter had a heart attack which caused a collapsed lung and loss oxygen to his brain. Unfourtnally he was left for dead for 15 minutes at a convenience store before receiving assistance. Walter had been living in a nursing home and received therapy to get him where he is today. In a week Walter will finally be able to come HOME! I could use the help for medically supplies and transportation for getting him to his doctor appointments. The transportation is for a van with a lift & wheel chair compatible. (Mobility Lift Vehicle) He will also need continued Thearphy sessions. Walter is unable to walk, unable to sit up nor can he take care of his self. This tragic event has left my son helpless and has put him to a state of a newborn. As mothers we would give anything to trade places with our child(ren) when they’re hurt or sick if we could. Walter has had a difficult road to travel on but has came along way by the grace of our Good Lord! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. There is no such thing as a small donation because anything is a blessing at this time for my son. Prayers are needed & appreciated as well!! 

    Thank you for your time in help in advance.

  • Tora Katrin
  • manny torres

    These little girls get to meet there dad for the first time in over 10 years! Please help

  • sabreen gamble

    Imagin-a-bowl – Is the perfect addition for every kitchen on a mission.
    You’ll save time on the prep and keep the pep in your step!

  • Dina Safy

    Hope this email finds you well ,
    I am Dina Safi ?I have started my crowdfunding campaign to reach my dream that I am protecting by this campaign ,Its about attending a training in Boston ,USA ,and go out Gaza which considered as an open air prison ,I have been shout out from alot of organizations and prople ,But I will not give up but I need your help !
    Could you please help me share it and send it to whom it might concern !

    Thank you:
    Dina safi

    Best wishes :
    Dina Safi

  • Project Whole World

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  • Jade Hodge

    My name is Jade Hodge, I’m eighteen years old and I am going to be attending Morgan State University this fall. I am so excited to be come a Morgan bear and I can’t wait to embark on this new journey; I graduated from high school in 2016, with a 3.3 GPA. I am currently trying to raise money for books, supplies, and any other necessities or items that I may need. If there is anyway you can help me that would be great, thank you in advance

  • Katrina Reed

    Please help for a small cause!

  • sarah sinclair

    33yrold wife and mother with terminal cancer. Please visit and share my link to help support or journey. Thank you

  • OWN

    Luxury ,urban clothing dedicated to saving wildlife and nature!

  • Cam Osborn

    Check out my top surgery fund! Every little bit counts.

  • Kacefamily

    Single mother of 2 in need of hand for a new apartment any help will be a blessing thank you

  • Kitty178

    My mother and i want to get out of town for a while after current family events please help us :).

  • Gabriella Kezia
  • Devon Grainger

    i lost a lot of stuff in a fire

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  • Brendan Petersen

    Jenna Knowles hasn’t found a clear direction in life. Then she finds an SD card labeled ‘hahajakal.’

  • Hossam Mohamed
  • Hossam Mohamed
  • Eric Cody
  • Carter Prudencio
  • Oswaldo
    Trying to get a new house. Please help.

  • Emily Schacht
  • Gwendolyn Webb
  • Melissa Moreau

    My brother has survived four brain haemorrhages , pneumonia and toxic shock. He has lost 50% of his brain and yet he is looking forward to an independent lifestyle. Please give #supportforsammy as we try to help him have a normal life ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lilith Gasparian
  • Gladys W. Muturi

    Hi, my name is Gladys Muturi and I working on a stage adaptation WHITE MAMA. I’m trying to raise money to rent a theatre to present the play.
    Please Donate: Any amount is fine.

  • jordan prince
  • jordan prince
  • jordan prince
  • jordan prince
  • jordan prince
  • Jessica

    My husbands mother died suddenly yesterday at only age 57. He is her only son and only surviving family member. Anything helps, even just $5. Also, is donating all proceeds with #funeralfund in notes to seller to this campaign Get yourself something nice but also help pay for a funeral

  • Beth

    I will be forever grateful if any of you could donatae x

  • Terri Hakes
  • Ashley Buchanan

  • Megan Grierson

    I’m starting a new venture in digital pet portraiture.

  • Rose Marie

    I am rising funds for a single mom, cancer survivor who is going blind. Needs an urgent operation in both eyes.

  • Gary Rich

    opening a new location

  • John Gruden
  • I wish to thank some of your for sharing own struggles with campaigns here, as I am doing my first online crowdfunding one, I was thinking that something was wrong with me and “why all this people that says that likes me are ignoring when I need some help?” I create a campain for the 50th year old Birthday because I became unemployed and plan to start a food trailer to support myself. If you wish to look at my campaign and maybe help out, anything will be more than welcome!! Here is my links: , I keep updating the blog on this link every second day. Thanks! 🙂

  • Mr. Boakye
  • Emily Godfrey

    As an industrious 16-year-old entrepreneur, my dream is to establish a novelty ice cream business inside of a Volkswagen mini-bus in order to finance my post-secondary endeavors which includes future attendance to medical school. I started a GoFundMe campaign to build funds to start my business since I am too young to be eligible for loans/grants. If you are interested in helping me, please click on this link! Anything helps and is tremendously appreciated!

  • Godlyn A. C. Simon

    Hey guys thank you for taking the time and viewing this. I really appreciate it! 😀

    I’ve been having problems with my eyes a while now but I was sacred to take the test. On the 1st August, 2017 I finally went through with it and it turns out I have Astigmatism,but I don’t have the funds to buy the glasses prescribed to me and my insurance does not cover it.

    Can you please help me reach my goal. Thank you in advance.

  • Christopher Berube

    Hello, My name is Christopher Berube. I recently the last year have been suffering with horrible anxiety and Depression and need help getting back up on my feet. I lost everything from my Car, to my Job, to my Fiance. I Lost everything i cared about. Sadly family is struggling as well so any donation would mean the world to me. Thank you and have a Blessed Day!.

  • Alan Tsao

    Check out my Kickstarter Project: A Premium Watch at an incredible price! (Watch Winder Included)

  • Keara

    Hey all! If you can help my friend Jill by sharing this link or donating to her fundraiser I appreciate it. Recently, she suffered from a severe stroke and her family is unable to pay off the expensive medical costs for her rehabilitation treatment. I appreciate your support!

  • Guys I would appreciate the help!

  • paul suli

    The link is a very close friend of mine who is very sick. Can you read it please and donate if you can

  • Vonetta Simpson
  • Lisa D. Langford

    I am actually in Dire need of help with my GFM campaign! Any help would be incredibly appreciated!

  • CoolBacker

    If you’re looking to promote your campaign you can submit your project to If selected you receive an article, link to your project and social media promotion.

  • Juaitan Robinson
  • Jacqueline Mandella

    Please donate to my GoFundMe! It is entitled: “Language Textbooks.”

    My family doesn’t have that much excess money right now. My father is in a tight spot for work and probably won’t be returning after his medical leave is over. His left retina detached less than a month ago, a few months after the right. His employers want no restrictions from the doctor, which the doctor has refused.

    Despite this, I am attempting to learn Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian. We can no longer afford to fork out hundreds of dollars for the next level of textbooks, so I have come here to request your assistance.

    Read the rest and donate at

  • Sabrina Lee

    Hello, I’m a single mom and I suffer from Degenerative Disk Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Chiari 1 Malformation, Sciatica, Sleep Apnea and Paranasal Sinus Disease. My elderly mom who is a breast cancer survivor, diabetic and also has back issues lives with us. I am the only one who drives and our car is very bad shape and unreliable.Makes it hard to make it to dr appts, take my daughter to school and all other errands. My daughter started a gofundme page. I have included the link. Thank you.

  • erik alsander For a real hands on effort to save the few animals that are left.

  • Krowdspace is another place to promote your crowdfunding project!

  • Theo

    I’ve too struggled to acquire funds for my project. Moreover, the major crowdfunding platforms out there do not allow my country to participate (Romania). I’ve managed to enlist my project to gogetfunding, but even so, it has to reach EUR 100 to be visible 🙂
    It’s cultural-educational initiative. For what its worth, see it here:
    What I have to ask you guys, from your experience, what are the chances that a project/initiative that is in another language than English will attract pledgers, total strangers that just love to help grow ideas? I am asking this because I see (and I also read here, in the comments, as being valid everywhere) that not even close friends or acquaintances help (they can’t, or they won’t, it matters less).

  • Megan

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