Global Gardens are completely self-contained moss-covered plant globes. Based on the ancient Japanese art of kokedama (moss balls), my modern kokedama are as pure, simple, and elegant as nature could intend. I’ve combined the artisanal qualities of the original living sculptures with modern components and soil science to connect everyone with their very own slice of nature.

What began as a hobby for me, has become a natural extension of my work as an architect to bring us all closer to nature and bring nature in to our homes and offices. Most of us are unable to remodel or build a new home that’s healthy and natural. Yet the majority of our population wants to have a garden, either large or small. And frankly, it’s becoming more difficult to garden with smaller homes, limited time, lack of green thumbs! Global Gardens eliminate those challenges and allow everyone to have a thriving, stress-free, joy-filled garden. And Global Gardens are your starter kit for a healthy home!

Over the past two years, I’ve tested many plants and soil blends to develop a line of gardens that are virtually fool proof to grow. Each blend of soil and long-acting organic nutrients support the long-term vitality of the plants. The line used to wrap the plant will not disintegrate and the moss cradling each globe is nature’s perfect container. It allows the plants to breathe freely in a way that containers can not. Most importantly, Global Gardens (affectionately called GGs) are no muss, no fuss, and no plastic containers. Each Global Gardens globe is approximately 5 inches in diameter. Plant heights vary from a few inches to 14 inches from a succulent to a fern.

Global Gardens are plants you CAN grow!
– no fuss, no muss, and no plastic containers
– pure, simple, natural
– no skill required, just add water & light as directed
– not a kit, completely ready for you to hang & enjoy
– of course, the hanging hardware is included
– tested & proven easy to grow plants
– soil blends support the garden’s longevity
– plant and soil combos that make your life easy
– perfect for every light condition
– can be placed where you never thought possible

Designed to hang, GGs take no space on your counters or floors! By hanging from the ceiling, they let you have a garden where you never thought you could. Of course to make the whole process easy, they come with everything you’d need to hang them from the ceiling including the hook, line, and anchor from which they suspend. You just add light and water as directed by your convenient care kit.

Sending flowers for a birthday, anniversary, or for a friend who is under the weather? Global Gardens are living sculpture gifts that keep on giving. Imagine your loved ones and friends thinking of you each time they look at your gift.

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