Greenwich, London (UK) – December 1st 2013 – FT&S Design has created a compact, innovative motion time-lapse device; especially built for GoPro Hero camera’s.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund FT&S Design’s brand new custom-made clockwork mount gadgets, “The GoTickR 360° motion time-lapse device”; is currently funding.

GoTickR is the launch project of founder Stephen Modell .. Stephen teamed up with the project’s design consultant Phil Tarry; whilst working together in the French Alp’s and over the last year, they have developed a range of mount’s for all GoPro camera’s; with focus on adding in style, simplicity and functionality.

“Our Kickstarter campaign has a few weeks to go, and we are delighted about the positive interest which we have received and continue to receive, from not only our backers; but also several UK internet-based action camera retailers.” explains Stephen.

With GoTickR, Stephen and Phil are perusing their crowd-funding objective with two colour versions of the new product. “There is plenty of room for improvement in terms of quality and style when it comes to mounting accessories currently on the market,” says Phil.

Importantly, GoTickR concentrates on the actual user-experience, by increasing the potential for capturing more kinds of creative footage. Enhancing the unique versatility of GoPro Hero; users can now capture more dynamic, imaginative indoor & outdoor footage.

“We decided to focus mainly on ease-of-use with our design, utilising the camera’s awesome visual performance,” explains Stephen. “There are so many interesting ideas out there, but we especially wanted to embed some sense of character, into the heart of what our new products allow people to achieve with their Hero’s.”
Stephen Modell // Director – FT&S Design

In addition to supporting manufacturing in the UK; your donation will open up more possibility for FT&S Design to introduce a cool new range of functional GoPro Hero gadgets.

And they sure hit the ground running! .. The GoTickR  360° attaches directly to any Hero camera, straight onto the housing case. Plus, the compact panning mount device also boasts an attractive-looking exterior and a unique ergonomic design.

The project ends on 16th December, 2013 on Kickstarter and the entry level pledge starts at just £15 (UK) or $32 for other countries. This will get backers a new GoTickR 360° time-lapse device and that’s including the price for most Worldwide shipping destinations.

For just £25 or $48, backers get both Jet Black & Ice White styles of the GoTickR 360° units.

By supporting the project, you will receive these brand new GoPro Hero mount accessories at a heavily discounted rate, saving at least 33% off RRP value. Plus, purchases made through Kickstarter will essentially bring these innovative designs into fruition.

You can learn more about the exclusive GoTickR project and purchase the 360° mounts at

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Stephen Modell