Jekkars today officially launch their exciting new product Groomiez. Jekkars Ltd is a company based in Crumlin in the north of Ireland and was featured on last week’s BBC1 NI Made in NI show with Stephen Nolan and Sarah Travers.

Groomiez Flappiez, a self grooming pet door attachment, are a new innovation that will help pet owners to significantly reduce the amount of pet fur, allergens and dirt carried around the home, covering furniture and clothing.

The developer, Joe Graham, said “Imagine your pet getting brushed just for using the pet door, every time!! As pet owners, we love our pets but we loathe their fur on our nice clothes and furniture! And we go to some very extraordinary lengths to reduce pet hair around the home. We want to love our pets and love our homes! With Groomiez, we want to make eliminating pet fur easy.”

Groomiez TPE brushes simply attach onto your existing pet door via our inbuilt magnetic fastener. No screws or nails needed. Then simply remove and replace for washing.

The great thing is they can be used for indoor or outdoor cats too.

The main driver for the development of this product was to have a method of controlling unwanted pet hair without any effort required by the owner or the pet. Current methods require either the owner to brush the pet or for the pet to engage with some apparatus in a set manner.

Time is a valued commodity for modern pet owners and pets don’t generally use toys in the way we initially hope.

There are benefits to both human and pet from using Groomiez Flappiez. The human benefits include having a nice clean home and clothes along with saving time cleaning up pet hair and be less likely to be bothered by allergens. The pets will enjoy the comforting feeling of the regular brushing while enjoying clean silky fur with less dirt and parasites. Regular brushing also helps prevent hairballs which can be extremely messy to clean and also been known to be fatal to cats.

Groomiez Flappiez are now available to order from Kickstarter at