My name is Elizabeth, I’m a 21 year old life lover from Nigeria and I would like attend the University of Wroclaw, Poland where I have been accepted to study a masters degree program [journalism and social communication].

Attending a school in Europe paves the way for me to get exposure, find myself, opens doors of opportunity and become the best at what i want to do.

I am a freelance content writer, blog contributor and part time baby sitter. I started this fundraiser after my friend was supported through this medium and is now studying medicine. This medium would help me achieve my dream of having a Master’s degree, creating a path leading to my future in the academic field. I would love to study and teach the highest level of qualification I can in Journalism and Communication field respectively.

What Will I Do With The Money?

The estimated cost of my study for the first year of my study is $12000 (including tuition, health, rent & utilities, books & supplies, and housing) I have currently raised $1500 and do not have any scholarships. I plan to work to help cover some of my expenses but due to school work and restrictions on my student visa, I will have to apply for a work permit which also cost money and require presence of funds for the permit application. I will only be able to work not more than 20 hours/week if i manage to get a job pending when i get the permit, learn polski and find my way around poland.

The money I raise will, therefore, go into covering the rest of my tuition and expenses. Any donations that you can give, big or small will be greatly appreciated.

I would feel blessed if you would contribute, no matter the amount to this cause.

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