I started a GoFundMe account on behalf of a family friend and her family. Their house recently caught on fire due to bad wiring on January 2,2018. They lost everything including two family pets. I really want to help them in getting new things to help rebuild what they lost. Please help donate if you can. No donation is ever to small. If you could also share this post with family and friends I would really appreciate it.

I put the GoFundMe link on here so you can click and look at any pictures posted. It happened in Pensacola Florida around 8:00am. The family was sleep and woke up to their house being on fire. Everything was damaged and their was nothing left due to smoke damage and mainly due to the fire that spreaders very quickly www.gofundme.com.

Remember any and everything is appreciated. Even if you just want to leave and encouraging comment on the website for the family!