As avid bracelet users our team sought out to create something unique. Our passion for accessories led us to create a product that could potentially disrupt an industry. Never before have it been this easy to match a stylish accessory with ANY outfit.

We got frustrated having to buy dozen of bracelets and would still struggle to match our unique styles – it’s both expensive and inconvenient. We have spent the past year working with leading manufacturers to come up with an affordable, stylish and functional bracelet that we believe would suit anyone. Men, women and kids 4+

Designing this first collection of bracelets, we made sure of THREE things:

– Create a luxurious stylish anchor that look and feel exclusive.
– To use the best possible quality to create a product that will stand the test of time
– To create a way to change colors and styles within seconds to fit any style or outfit.

Open the Ring and Switch Band in Seconds
Never again do you need to spend money on a new bracelet to match your new outfit, now you can just get a new band at the fraction of the cost. Once you have your stylish metal anchor you just have to get your favorite colored bands and switch to match the occasion.

To complete the bracelet we added Powers, each Power is forged within the color of the band and our vision is that it stands as a symbol for and remind you of your inner strengths.

The Powers
Fearless Black: “In times of struggle release the power of the warrior within.
 Let this power guide and remind you that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Be fearless.”

Powerful Brown: “In the depths of nature you will find stability and strength. Release this deep power of integrity and patience.
 Be strong and walk tall – Life is your creation and the power is in your hands.”

Loving Red: “This divine power challenges all others and the world itself.
Let this essential piece of jewelry linger around your wrist whilst constantly reminding you that love really is all you need.”

Happy Pink: “Life is a play and all your friends are waiting for you. Wide eyes and big smiles, fun and games.
This power releases the creativity of the artist within. Don’t worry, be happy.”

Humble White: “Celebrate your wins and learn from your losses. Let this power remind you to slow down and appreciate the things that truly matter Be gracious, be humble.”

Wise Blue: “Like the ocean, wisdom knows no time. It comes from the depths of the mind and soul. Invoke this potent power in times of growth and development. Be wise.”

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Contact: John Valentin