box burglar

The sexy female cat burglar seen on the streets of SoHo (NYC) recently, appeared to be a harmless gorilla marketing campaign. However, Interpol is taking no chances and investigating potential ties to the infamous Pink Panther gang. Last week in France, a lone masked thief stole $138m (£90.5m) worth of diamonds from the luxury Carlton International, on the chic Croisette of Cannes. In a scene worthy of a film, while escaping during the 60 second robbery, the thief stopped, turned and stated “Désolé, c’est la crise.” (Sorry, it’s the economic crisis).

The New York cat burglar is allegedly the spokesmodel for boX, a New York City-based fashion accessory line that makes “designs worth stealing.”

The boX (New York) cat burglar has been seen before in Cannes, which heightened the concern. Pierre Albert Winter, founder of boX, explained to us that the boX cat burglar was present in Cannes only during boX’s screening of their short film “Black Box,” which was an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011. Winter went further to state, ”the coincidences are remarkable and I will cooperate fully with Interpol.”

boX is headquartered in TriBeCa and their products are made in New York. The product line of essential accessories compliments; keys, cash, credit cards, cigarettes, iPad, condoms, wine, crown jewels and meds. boX created an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign with hopes of raising funds to put the boX accessory line into full production. Winter elaborates, “If we were connected to the $138m heist, we wouldn’t be creating a campaign to raise $100,000. C’est la vie.”

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