New York City, NY, March 20, 2017 – Jade Films and Entertainment is a brand behind this amazing project, which Jade Bryan is the mastermind of this massive undertaking known as THE TWO ESSENCES.

Stanley Kubrick, Stephen Speilberg, Pedro Almodovar, Selma Hayak, Deepa Mehta, Jodie Foster and Jade Bryan are a great assortment of movies directors, yet one of the directors out of the six just mentioned is not as well known as her peers. Well, that’s about to change. This year, 2017, Jade Bryan’s THE SHATTERED MIND has won 16 awards from touring 44 film festivals around the world bringing awareness about Black Deaf Perspectives and increasing positive representation of Deaf Talents of Color. Aspire to be a show runner, Jade recognizes the thriving market of the digital streaming platforms and network industry, which lack stories about Deaf People of Color and varied deaf-centric content. It’s time for the entertainment industry to come out of the Dark Age and start seeing us as human beings by #hiringdeafwriters and #pocdeaftalets. We need your help to make Jade Films and Entertainment a global entertainment powerhouse and a household name!

A much deserving positive representation of Intersectional and diverse Deaf Talents of Color, Essence Chamberlain-Dubois is a free spirit, snazzy, 38 year-old, self-taught freelance Day Trader and part-time housewife with three children. She decides to go back to school to pursue a degree in business at a black school where her 18 years old and self-centered deaf daughter, Zoë Essence, is also attending. This mortifies Zoe Essence. This is a story about a first and second generations’ mixed race Deaf and Hearing family that has never been told on mainstream television. We hope you will help us raise the funds to produce the pilot in the spring of 2018.

Jade Bryan, CEO of Jade Films and Entertainment commented: “There is a market for movies that feature Deaf Talent of Colors and their stories due to the fact we have been overlooked in the media and film industry.” Jade Films believes in creating jobs behind the camera for people whom are usually shun due to their Deafness but are exceptionally capable of doing an exemplary job in front of the camera or behind the camera!  Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been sleeping on a segment of the population for too long. It is time to for the moviemakers to come out with our own stories.

“My films are motivated by a keen interest in highlighting issues that affect marginalized populations who are caught in difficult circumstances.” Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

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