Simple design and exceptional style for minimalists. One year after its successful initial crowdfunding campaign, TACS, a Japanese lifestyle watch brand, will soon launch their new Time Glass watch on Kickstarter. With a curved dial and hands, smooth lines and unique crownless design, the Time Glass which mirrors the feel of an hourglass, that reminds wearers to enjoy each moment to the fullest.

The concave watch face creates the stunning illusion of sand slipping through an hourglass. Each piece is crafted with exquisite attention to detail for a premium feel and quality appearance. The crownless design allows the Time Glass to offer an unparalleled degree of comfort by eliminating problematic chafing and irritation caused by crowned timepieces. To maximum the comfort, the case back of the Time Glass that incorporates the perfect wrist-fitting curve and a smooth finish. The design also mitigates accidental presses of the time adjust button. Striving to offer the best quality at the highest value, TACS has partnered with renowned Swiss movement-maker, Ronda, to include an exclusive, high-quality movement.

For the brand, Kickstarter remains the privileged place to develop new designs with the support of its community. By signing up here, supporters will be able to get first access and receive an exclusive special 10% off discount and save 50% of retail price at the launch of the campaign.

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About TACS:

TACS is a Japanese watch company founded on a few basic principles. The brand name stands for taste, attractive, creative and sense. These four pillars are the core by which we are inspired to design, create and innovate.

TACS timepieces are for those who can appreciate the artistic beauty in simplicity. Each of our creations has a deeper meaning and story that we challenge you to find.

Our timepieces focus on aspects of lifestyle that allow you to proudly own what you stand for. We develop designs that are uninhibited and free-spirited, encouraging you to wear your personality on your wrist. By having a unique story to each of our watches, you can discover which pieces resonate most with you and have them fit in perfectly with your fashion sense and way of life.