It’s well-known the little things a person carries often help to set them apart from the crowd. Building off this foundation the innovative team at Jetk. recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign featuring upcycled fighter jet engine blades – transformed into very cool high quality key chains, bottle openers and desktop eye candy.

Fighter jets hold a certain fascination for many people that’s easy to understand – fast, powerful, built to incredibly high standards and packed with all kinds of advanced systems, they are at the very cutting edge of technology. Fans of combat aviation have a good reason to smile thanks to the team of forward thinking Greek students behind the project. Jetk. recently announced a breakthrough launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. They are offering limited edition life hacking cool key chains, versatile bottle openers and some exceptional eye candy all made from professionally laser engraved and CNC milled, upcycled, fighter jet engine blades. To add to the excitement each piece of stylish accessory is engraved with a beautiful design explaining the true nature and origin of the blade that’s sure to inspire and entertain.

“As aviation fans ourselves we can’t help but be excited,” commented a spokesman from Jetk. “mind bending lightness, extreme durability and a practical design. All in a stunning blade with a legendary past, a jewel class metal value and a strongly inspirational character!”

According to Jetk., the key rings, bottle openers and desktop eye candy are all made of the same lightweight, but near indestructible, titanium super-alloy fighter jet engine blades that allow combat aircraft jet engines to perform on such a high level. The combination of extraordinary material and real stories combines for an amazing conversation starter – a very compelling quality of the new line that’s winning Jetk. a huge amount of interest.

A Beta Tester of the Jetk. bottle opener remarked in his five-star review, “I sometimes even put the crown cork back on the bottle to open it again!”

Jetk. has set a flexible goal of $2000 for their Indiegogo and early interest during their soft launch in Greece has been high. The campaign ends in mid-August, 2017.

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