If you’re like me and you keep an eye out for new Kickstarter projects launching each month, you might have noticed a handful of projects popping up with ‘Kickstarter Gold’ in the title. Kickstarter Gold is bringing back some of Kickstarter’s most iconic creators to share bold new takes on old projects. Kickstarter Gold will be running until July 31 and feature over 65 creators.

“Participating creators were specially selected for their creativity, ingenuity, and past success on Kickstarter,” the platform shared in a recent blog post, “We’re spotlighting them because they do excellent work — and because creators who repeatedly use Kickstarter to support and sustain creative ventures are an integral part of our community’s ecosystem. In fact, a third of all pledges to successful Kickstarter projects — over $1 billion since 2009 — have gone to projects from these repeat creators.”

This is great for long-time fans and new ones alike. What’s great is that backers can trust that they are supporting creators who know how to deliver. Plus, some backers will get to support creators that they have heard of but missed the first time around. Many Kickstarter Gold projects launching so far are reaching their funding goals in days and some in under 24 hours!

Here are a few cool Kickstarter Gold projects that launched this week:

Many of you might be familiar with 3Doodler’s awesome 3D printing pens. They took the internet by storm with their cool 3D designs. WobbleWorks LLC., the creator of 3Doodler, launched their first Kickstarter campaign in February 2013. Their campaign raised $2,344,134 from 26,457 backers and that was just the beginning.

They launched a second campaign in January 2015 that raised another $1.5 million dollars. Now they’re back for Kickstarter Gold with 3Doodler Limited Edition Star Trek 3D Pen Sets so you can build your own Starship Enterprise, Spock ears, and more!

Other cool campaigns returning with a twist for Kickstarter Gold include Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2, a children’s book and podcast featuring stories from 100 great women around the world, and SHAKESPEARE PUNCHES A FRIGGIN’ SHARK… and/or other stories, a project that takes the greatest works of English literature and turns them into choose-your-own-path adventures!

There’s also a What’s for Dinner Notepad for simple and effective meal planning and custom-made, high-quality Unicorn Coats!

You can check out the entire list of Kickstarter Gold projects that have launched so far here. Keep on checking because more projects will be launching in the next few weeks!

What do you think of Kickstarter Gold? Do you plan on backing any of these projects? Tell us in the comments below!

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Krystine Therriault is the community manager for CrowdCrux and has helped creators with their crowdfunding projects on KickstarterForum.org. She loves learning about new trending projects and dissecting them to bring new tips and information to creators. You can find her on LinkedIn here or Twitter here.