Landflix Odyssey is a Netflix spoof videogame, that’ll throw the player in an Odyssey through the most popular TV shows, on a quest to save the world!

Fantastico Studio announced today that it has launched its crowdfunding campaign on Landflix Odyssey. They are looking for backers to help bring to market their Netflix spoof videogame.

Game of Thrones or Monkey Island? Stranger Things or Ghosts ‘n goblins? If you can’t decide whether you want to play videogames or binge watch, why not mix the best of both worlds? The guys from Fantastico Studio could have the answer to your problems: Landflix Odyssey, A spoof videogame taking place inside Netflix’s most popular shows. The core of the game is that of a classic 2D Platformer with pixel art graphics. Impersonating Larry, a beer loving average guy who spends his days binge watching, the player gets thrown inside the TV, where Landflix’s evil CEO is secretly planning to conquer the world. Who will take up the role of the hero stopping this devious villain? The player, of course, diving in this adventure through TV shows, reliving their most iconic events: we start in Peculiar Stuff (Stranger Things), with its demogorgons and the upside down, then we get to Elder Thrones (Game of Thrones), Blindevil (Daredevil), Going Mad (Breaking Bad) and finally The Standing Zombies (The Walking Dead). In each world/show the player will be dressed up according to the show’s setting and will have always new power, full of humour and a modern looking, yet with a retro feel to it, pixel art.

By supporting this project, backers can help to create the first Netflix’s parody videogame.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page: or contact the creator below.

The creators of Landflix Odyssey are the guys from Fantastico Studio, four roman videogames, beer and obviously TV shows lovers. The development of the game started in September 2017 thanks to a small funding received by a fellow roman game development company, and to the guys in the team putting together their own money for their project. The game’s release is expected for as early as next September on PC and consoles (Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch).

Fantastico Studio srl was founded in August 2017 and is composed by Daniele Bianchini, Andrea Valesini, Luca De Simone and Federico Pauzano.
All four members have years of experience in smartphone videogames development.
Daniele acts as both the leader of the team and as the developer of the game’s mechanics.
Andrea is the art director.
Luca is both a developer and a game designer.
Federico works on game and level design.

Press Kit:
Location: Via Ostiense 177C – 00154 Roma, Italia
Daniele Bianchini Fantastico Studio srl +393927576154
Landflix Odyssey