How many times did you promise your dearest that you will catch the moon in the sky for her and how many times did you failed to do so? The moon was always a mystical and untouchable gift from the sky. There are so many people dream to know more about the moon and crazy about collecting associated products of the moon.

Although we know there is a huge market of the moon’s products, especially a moon lighting product will be very attractive, you can rarely find them in the market. It is not because no people like the moon light, it is because a perfect moon light was unable to produce. Due to the limitation of injection molding, the injection mark will always land in the middle of the sphere. This is why there are so many earth lighting products in the market since the injection mark can also presented as the equator of our earth since the mark will be landed in the middle of the product. In the case of the moon light, nobody wants to see any unnecessary mark on the surface of the moon light. As nobody can solve the problem of the injection mark, so we rarely see a moon like lighting product in the market.

As 3D printing are rapidly developing these years, the resolution is getting higher and higher. The 3D printing technology brings out a very good solution in producing products in spheres. 3D printing can print any shape without any injection mark in one piece. Since there is no molding needed in the whole process of manufacturing, changes could be made easily. With the latest 3D printing technology, manufacturers can finally find the way to make the surface of the moon light more realistic.

Seems like consumers are so pleased with the moon lights which are brought by the 3D printing but there are still so people thinks that it is not enough. There are still looking for a better solution to give a better presentation of the moon in order to fulfill the desire of the big fans of the moon. Recently innovative creators start to implement levitating system into the moon light trying to bring the closest presentation of the moon into our home. They have successfully finished the prototype of the levitating moon light. As we see the moon light that shows in the video, the atmosphere of the moon light that it presented is very impressive. By seeing the moon light floating in the middle of the air, it brings the indoor lighting to another level with more innovation and creativity.

As we see that there are more innovative designs are going to push into the market, we can foresee that manufactures will be able to bring more creative products into our home. It should not be long to see a floating moon hanging in the air of our living room. By the time it comes, catching the moon is not a dream anymore and we can all enjoy the atmosphere that the moon gives whenever and wherever we want.