Sunnyvale, CA – December 5, 2017 – LET Labs released VisionAI Smart Glasses that are revolutionizing the tech industry with style and intelligence, enabling the user to control a smartphone with a simple touch or voice command. VisionAI conveniently integrates with Alexa, Google Now and Siri, allowing smartphone tasks to be easier, quicker and more enjoyable than ever. Custom and prescription lenses are available, making the VisionAI Smart Glasses an intelligent and convenient choice in tech eyewear.

Vision AI Smart Glasses are supported by patented cutting-edge military-level bone conduction technology. This technology guides mini vibrations through a wearer’s cheekbones directly to the inner ears, leaving the ear open for situational awareness when enjoying music or talking on the phone. Hands-free and secure technology goes with the user wherever they are.

These are the world’s first smart glasses that enable the user to accomplish a large variety of tasks in a hands-free manner without even having to touch a cell phone. Best of all, the glasses are available at an affordable price, making them an intelligent tech choice.

VisionAI Smart Glasses are designed to effortlessly integrate technology and convenience while keeping the user connected everywhere they go. They boast an attractive set of cutting-edge features:

• Looks like a standard pair of eyeglasses with three fashionable choices available
• Easily transforms the way the wearer lives, shops and plays anywhere they happen to be
• Embedded microphone allows for easy, hands-free usage and instant voice command control
• Bone Conduction speakers are military-grade technology and safer than earbuds
• Easy touch interface allows for one immediate touch activation
• Available photochromic lenses are clear indoors and conveniently darken in sunlight
• Choose from three styles with custom and prescription lenses available
• Glasses allow users to listen to music, chat with friends, make phone calls, set reminders, get traffic and weather reports, manage function at their home, order groceries and act as a virtual assistant
• GPS and app enabled for seamless integration with user’s location and favorite mobile apps
• 10-day battery life allows for maximum time usage convenient to the wearer’s unique schedule

VisionAI Smart Glasses can be pre-ordered for $119 at For more info about LET Labs, visit

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