Only around 20% of Zambia’s 16 million population have access to (unreliable) grid-based electricity. This is even lower in rural regions, where the majority of the population live. In fact many Zambians are in the unenviable position of paying up to 1/5th of their income on poor quality sources of energy such as candles, kerosene lamps and torch batteries. These fuel sources are dangerous, costly and environmentally damaging. What’s more, people are often forced into regularly travelling great distances to procure them.

Many such communities are plunged into darkness after the sun sets. Households use expensive, unsafe energy sources that can do little to improve their quality of life. The light output is insufficient for household duties, to run businesses or for children to study art night. It is insufficient for community members to feel safe traveling within their own villages.

There is however, an opportunity for these people to break out of this constant struggle. This opportunity comes in the form of solar power. However, not all solar power is equal. Those that are gaining access to solar energy to date, are often purchasing products of variable quality (cheap but uncertified). While a significant step up from relying on candles, lamps and torches, these solar lanterns have no warrant and the life span is less than 1 year making it more expensive in the long run. What can really make a difference is a high quality, warranted solar lamp that could address their needs into the future. These Solar Lamps can overcome the cost, safety and environmental issues associated with existing fuel options all in one go.

Unfortunately these have been out of the reach of women, subsistence farmers and school going children due to the upfront cost.

This is where we come in……..

Here’s What We’re Doing About It

Kukula Solar is a social enterprise whose mission is to provide Zambians with access to high quality energy through the sale of solar household systems. Allowing Zambians to purchase their own solar systems with dignity as opposed to relying on charitable donations.

We have distributed over 760 since we launched our project in March 2016 and we have seen the impact the project has had on the people, environment and community. This is why i need your help to purchase more stock. 250 units that will transform the lives of 250 households and set me on truck to continue lighting up the lives of thousands more.

Our Solar Products will be able to charge mobile phones and even small appliances like radio.

Using Rent-To-Own Model, Kukula Solar will provide these life changing products with as little as a 10% upfront deposit, allowing customers to pay for their solar product across a 3 month period. We are the first to bring this model in Eastern Province of Zambia and the demand is growing everyday for more solar products.

There is more awesomeness. As Kukula Solar is a social enterprise, it will also allocate part of its profits towards Girl Empower Project a Charity organisation that is distributing reusable sanitary pads to girls in rural and slum communities so that they can remain in school and not miss due to their monthly cycle. further amplifying Kukula Solar’s impact.

You Can Join Me

The equation is straight forward. We need $5,000 to be able to purchase 250 units. So in effect $20 will enable us to power one household with solar power within 2017.

$20= 1 Solar Lamp Purchased = 1 Household Impacted.

100% of funds from this campaign will be used to cover the costs of purchasing from our manufacturer. Once we reach our goal, we will put our order in and we hope to commence sales by September 2017!

The Impact of this Project

1. Better Health: Many people have to leave their homes periodically to escape the choked air inside. Our solar lights reduce indoor air pollution by over half.

2. Brighter Light: Try switching off all your lights one evening and using nothing but a small candle go about your life. Our solar lights make a huge difference to someone living this way every night.

3. Using Less: We only sell more efficient and renewable products, so people can improve their lifestyle while reducing their reliance on fossil fuels for their energy.

4. Saving More: The cost of our solar lights is the equivalent of around five months worth of kerosene. Given that the solar lights last for five years, that’s a lot of savings for the customer.

5. Climate Friendly: The burning of kerosene and open wood fires emits huge amounts of green house gases and black carbon. Our products help significantly reduce these emissions.

6. Feeling Safer: Since our solar lights are portable, customers use them while traveling at night. This makes them visible, so they are less likely to get in harm’s way.

I would like to Thank you.

For your kind support i would like to compensate you with some nice perks from Zambia. Please take a look on how you can collaborate on this amazing project! All perks will be send during October and November 2017

Read more on our Campaign Link! Thank you for your support!