The company plans to raise $33 000 through their Kickstarter campaign to fund production. Luxafor specializes in gadgets that help people work more efficiently and with fewer interruptions. With the help of Kickstarter, they’re adding two new products to their lineup: the Luxafor Mini and Luxafor Bluetooth. Both are extensions of Luxafor’s original Flag product.

Their flagship product is a light indicator that shows your coworkers when you need to focus and when you’re available to chat. It’s similar to a traffic light – it shines red or green, depending on when people can approach you and when they should let you work in peace.

Luxafor Mini is a smaller, compact version that also pushes your important notifications to your computer via USB connection. The Luxafor Bluetooth can be placed anywhere, so everyone can see updates and notifications.

Their Kickstarter campaign is running through [date] and they hope to raise $33 000. Funds will go to mass-produce the Luxafor Mini and Bluetooth, and to make improvements to the original Luxafor Flag.

Luxafor is part of GreyNut, a Latvian company that specializes in developing and manufacturing engineering solutions. GreyNut’s founders, Kristians Licis and Kaspars Skerba, came up with the concept of Luxafor while they were developing a new project. They found that they interrupted each other too frequently, and they needed a way to maintain boundaries and stay focused. So they developed Luxafor as a solution to a universal workplace problem: too many distractions.

Luxafor has already sold 4000 units worldwide. Each and every unit was made with a 3D printer, and assembled and tested in-house. Through Kickstarter, they can increase production, improve their products, and begin mass-producing.