“Memory” is a short film about a hero, Alex, who is stuck in an astral projection. In order to escape, she must face her past and the pains of her comrades, through a series of scenes taken straight from our upcoming Sci-Fi series, “Time Traveling in Bits & Pieces” (TTBP for short). Along with festival submissions, “Memory” will also serve as a pitch for the series, to producers with HBO, Amazon, among others. The film and series are already cast and crewed, and not only is the first season entirely written, but character arcs spanning seven full seasons are already ready to roll.

The cast and crew are also quite diverse. This female written and directed franchise features a queer woman of color as its lead, and with characters from all walks of life, there is a storyline for everyone. The universe is equally complex and thoroughly developed, with maps and galaxies waiting to be discovered by eager audiences.
This project is equal parts science fiction, drama, and action, with moments of dark humor and forbidden romances. The short film briefly introduces the main characters from the series, in some of their deepest and most trying moments, featured through the first season. Casting and pre-production began over a year ago, and the TTBP universe started to bloom long before that.

The project will happen whether we reach out goal budget or not, but we want to produce the best quality content we possibly can, which is why we are holding an Indiegogo donation campaign. Sci-fi is costly genre to shoot, with the proper equipment, costumes, and special effects, so we need all the support we can get. “Memory” and “Time Traveling in Bits and Pieces” has the potential to be the next big thing—even to audiences that do not generally tune in to sci-fi—and we are 100% dedicated to sharing it with you.