San Francisco, CA —  Planter Box is a new subscription service created by a team of four diverse women focused on designing monthly boxes around plants and succulents. Their goal is to bridge the gap between natural elements and personal spaces. Every box is curated with a unique concept in mind, and varies month to month with products sourced primarily from local, small businesses and artisans.

Being the Bay Area, the Planter Box team noticed that many people lead fast paced lives and may not have time to plant or tend gardens, which led to the idea of creating this subscription service. Planter Box wants to show subscribers how planting can be both fun and easy, and does so by making each monthly box a mini-project. Each monthly kit includes everything needed – the core items being plants, soil, and planters – as well as care tips for the plants shipped.

The subscription makes it easy to find interesting new plants and succulents without the effort of having to search on their own. Each box also provides subscribers with just the right amount of materials they need for each arrangement, thereby reducing waste. Not only does Planter Box deliver a new project every month, they also help showcase local nurseries and artisans through the plants, pottery, and other items in each box.

Bringing their idea to Kickstarter, Planter Box is kicking off a crowdfunding campaign in March 2017 to raise $4,500 in the next month. For their campaign, they’ve created a Kickstarter-only box called “Be Bold for Her”, focusing on products made by women in honor of Women’s History Month. The Planter Box team is collaborating with other businesswomen and is committed to bringing a box that will tell stories of women who have built successful businesses through their crafts. Visit their Kickstarter page and support the Planter Box #BeBoldForHer campaign today.