The Guardian City Saint has been in my brain and heart (the voices just won’t shut up!) since grade school and I am so looking forward to seeing my creation in printed form. Though the characters and the story have evolved over the years with life experience, the essence has always remained the same. At its core the Guardian City Saint is a super hero comic book. I’ve always been a big fan of super hero stories like Superman, Batman, The Flash, The Hulk, and so forth. I was always intrigued on how they got their powers (expect for Batman who has no powers, but yet is one of the most formidable heroes on the planet), how they used them, and the consequences of the choices they made.

However, I’ve always believed that not everyone who is given a gift (or curse, depends how you see it) would make the “just” choice. Is it in our nature to become what we are or is it nurture, the environment we grow up in, that defines us? What if you or I we’re suddenly given powers beyond our comprehension? What path would we take? Do we automatically become a superhero/super villain or is it more complicated than that?

The Guardian City Saint Source Book is the start to my dream coming to fruition. This book will be part of a limited run of only 300 copies. The pages will be comprised of Guardian City’s history, major characters bios and background information about who they are, and will contain a short story with the tone of what the series will be like when released. In essence, with your help, this book will plant the seeds for the Guardian City Saint series to begin later in 2018. However, you will be lucky owners of a limited copy of the Guardian City Saint Source Book.


The Guardian City Saint story will follow two people, Abe, who like many kids his age in Guardian City, is just trying to survive each day. However, with pressure mounting at school and home, Abe contemplates taking his own life to make the pain stop. Events will unfold and a path Abe never imagined will emerge. His path will reveal a world that most people don’t even know exist (there may or may not be demons there, what?!) to worlds in a galaxy we thought to be all alone (we are not, nor have we ever been alone) in. Sounds massive I know, but all great things start with a single spark, a single event that launches an epic journey.

In another part of Guardian City, Willi Traybe has a wonderful job, family, and a life that most envy. A man a faith, he sees the world as most people never will. As life unfolds, Willi’s faith will be tested and ultimately lead him down a path where choices will bring death and a rebirth as the Sinner. As the Sinner, Willi is free of all strings that weighed him down and punishes those who take advantage of their existence. His body is covered in tattoos that remind the his victims in the sins they have committed.

Abe and Willi are destined to cross paths and they will either save one another or be each others destruction.

I hope you will come on this journey with me and see the world I envisioned unfold.

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Angel Santiago