Next step to take home water and energy recycling solution to general release.

San Diego, CA — January 24, 2017 — Over the last week, investors have been able to contribute to the Nexus eWater StartEngine campaign, joining this leading-edge water and energy recycling company as it takes its products to the next level.

Nexus eWater, located in San Diego, has made significant progress building practical, home-scale solutions for collecting, treating and reusing water and energy on site.

“For almost 10 years we have been working hard to bring water and energy recycling to the home,” said Tom Wood, CEO. “We are excited to offer an opportunity for anyone to join this onsite revolution.”

NEXtreater was the first home-scale appliance to meet California plumbing code requirements for treated grey water reuse right out-of-the-box. By adhering to strict international health and safety standards, NEXtreater produces water that can be reused in spray irrigation and for flushing toilets. Nexus eWater is in the process of building, delivering, and installing our newest generation NEXtreater systems for 35 customers and is now accepting pre-orders for future deliveries in California.

“We have created a new building-products and home-appliance category,” Wood said. Including new construction and retrofitting existing buildings, Wood estimates that this opportunity has a total addressable market of over $15 billion nationwide.

Nexus eWater products were designed in Australia and are manufactured today in the United States.

More information about the company can be found at, and further details on investing are available at StartEngine.

About Nexus eWater

Nexus eWater has developed patented and patent-pending technology for practical home water and energy recycling. The suite of products can recycle up to 67% of indoor water, reduce energy related to water heating by 80%, and slash sewer flow by up to 70%. Conserving precious resources allows builders, land developers, utility companies, to build more homes, and gives homeowners the landscapes they want, all while saving water and energy.


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