In partnership with Trans LifeLine, a team of creatives and advocates are working to build a public art installation that omits the T from LGBTQ.

The intent is to draw awareness to the fact that society at large continues to ignore attacks, whether in government policy or growing violence, directed at transgender individuals and the damaging effects it has on the community.

With each reversal of previously granted protections for the transgender community, the Trump administration is trying to legislate us out of existence. From trans children in public schools, to trans adults in the military, and now trans people in every sector of the entire U.S. workforce, we are being told that we don’t belong anywhere. And it takes a serious toll on a community which already suffers from a 41% suicide attempt rate. This number is 10x higher than the national average and 10-20% higher than any other group within the LGBTQ community.

We need to confront this crisis head on and this art piece can help us do so. The missing T challenges audiences to consider who they are supporting and who are they are ignoring when they say LGBTQ. The missing T symbolizes lack of trans visibility, trans-erasure, and the loss of trans lives because of it. The installation will be the launch for a larger campaign that will help raise funds for the 24-hour crisis hotline Trans LifeLine as well as open up a bigger conversation on how addressing trans issues is long overdue. This work matters because trans lives matter.

The project needs to raise $35,000 in order to cover construction expenses. Additional funds can provide additional assets such as lighting and security.

f you’d like more information about this initiative, or to schedule an interview with our team, please e-mail Devon at