Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups, and Ideas is an ambitious crowdfunding startup that will accept all significant currency types.   This endeavor will likely change how cryptocurrency is viewed by the masses since it will enable people to see and use cryptocurrency in positive ways.

PICISI will be run with integrity, every account will be verified, and mgmt will review each campaign.   Microfunding via cryptocurrency combined with a great number of generous sponsors should result in every campaign at PICISI receiving some level of funding — no one leaves with zero.

PICISI will launch with the bare necessities: a simple site, a skeleton crew, and a few sponsors.   During the first 90 days our admins and recruiters will assemble a full compliment of participants from organizers and donors to sponsors and contractors; by the end of the period we expect significant growth.

At PICISI we define promotion three different ways:

• Publicity – broadly raising awareness to grow the community ie: organizers, donors, and sponsors,
• Outreach – the specific purpose of finding organizers to conduct campaigns at our site.
• Marketing – the specific purpose of finding donors to fund campaigns at our site.

To achieve our goals the Executive Director will assemble an energetic team of professionals: Deputy Director, Assistant Director, Content Director, Promotion Director, Communications Director; in addition to Referral Agents, Promotion Contractors, and Campaign Contractors.

• The Deputy Director –  second in command, is in charge when the Exec Dir is on vacation, incapacitated, or as directed by the Exec Dir.

• The Assistant Director – primary task is to assist the Executive Director and the Deputy Director however at times he may also serve other directors as the need arises. [position filled]

• The Content Director – responsible for all site content, his primary focus is quantity and quality of campaigns, secondly site usability

• The Promotion Director – responsible for promoting the site to sponsors, organizers, donors, and media for more business.

The Communications Director – responsible for having our site make news somewhere around the world everyday. via press releases, articles, and interviews.

Referral Agent – refer people to us to do assignments, to organize campaigns, to make donations, and/or to sponsor site activity. Only registered referral agents and Admins are compensated for referring people to PICISI.

Promotion Contractor – select and complete PICISI publicity, marketing, and/or outreach assignments.

Campaign Contractor – work for organizers to create, develop, and/or promote their respective campaigns.

You are invited to help us build the PICISI community; before launch we need a min of 20 sponsors (currently we have 7:, The Einsteinium News, The Einsteinium Foundation, Crypto Cloud Hosting, Sativacoin, Artsycoin, and HYPER); min 8 campaigns to crowd fund (currently we have 3), min. of 6 administrators (currently we have 2), min of 2 promotion contractors (currently we have none), min of 1 referral agent, (currently we none), min of 1 campaign contractor (currently have 3); we will also publish PICISI articles on the following subjects:

• PICISI administration
• Sponsorship opportunities at PICISI
• 100+ currencies accepted at PICISI
• PICISI assignments, and the PICISI token

To support PICISI: write an encouraging comment below, tweet about PICISI, reprint the article, discuss the article at BCT, and/or donate using a currency of your choice at click here.

  • Armis is proud to sponsor PICISI.

  • Crypto Cloud Hosting

    CryptoCloudHosting are very proud to be part of the PICISI project!

  • Prelaunch goals update:

    1) recruit a min. of 6 admins, they now have 2 (exec dir, and asst, dir);
    2) secure a min of 20 sponsors, they now have 23 — goal achieved & surpassed;
    3) secure a min of 8 campaigns to crowdfund, they now have 3 solid;
    4) recruit a min of 1 referral agent, they now have 1 — goal achieved;
    5) associate with a min of 2 promotion contractors, they now have 15 — goal achieved & surpassed;
    6) associate with a min of 1 campaign contractor, they now have 12 — goal achieved & surpassed and;
    7) publish a min of 5 articles, they now have 17 — goal achieved & surpassed.

    There are only two prerequisite goals left to achieve: ‘Admins’ & ‘Campaigns’.

  • David

    I thought PICISI simply meant Pick Easy. But It’s a very descriptive acronym full of words that relate to in a strong way. Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups, and Ideas. All so positive and strong.

    So positive, yet the term cryptocurrency is not part of its acronym, though its another aspect which tremendously increases the value of the project by being aligned with one of the most important technological achievements of the decade, maybe even the century or the history of mankind. And that is Blockchain technology.

    So many things to do here, all so engaging to the one or ones responsible for them. Though not all positions are covered in this article I assume, I am not sure if purposely. (Finance Director for example)

    I believe I could become part of this, I don’t know yet which role, I don’t want to compromise yet without absolute certainty.

    • Yes, your are correct it would have been great if ‘Cryptocurrency’ could fit in.

      Yes, your assumption is correct that some positions were purposefully not covered. Of all of the positions only the ones considered essential to launch was included.

      The work of the Finance Director and Compliance Director will be done by the admins in place until those positions are filled.

      David you are 1 of 3 people to inquire about working with PICISI, you are the first person to have come this far in the interview process. Your observations are appreciated.

      • David

        This is a small step of a much bigger journey. I have come this far, or perhaps, only this near. =)

  • KingArbinV

    Picisi has some very innovative goals in mind, especially enabling the crypto community to be able to invest in projects that look worth while. As far as letting the non crypto users know how to use it would it be simpler to include a tutorial on the website explaining it, or would it be better to give them the option of having the site admins handle converting it for them? I remember when I was first hearing about bitcoin in the news, I was curious but it took me almost 2 months to fully understand the exchanges, how the wallets work, security. and what enables an altcoin to work and survive once wild. I can only imagine the confusion this will bring to newer people. Hopefully Picisi can solve this problem by making things as simple as possible for its users.