Our mission is to create connective devices and platforms to give pets their voice, a voice that deserves to be heard. Through innovation and customization, we want to help connect people with their unique best friends on a level that eliminates worry, questioning and doubt. By knowing your pet’s specific needs, gives you the confidence that they are always happy, healthy and heard.

Pup Alert is a sophisticated, mobile-smart dog temperature monitoring device that syncs with our customizable app to send you real-time updates of your dog’s specific temperature needs. This gives you the peace of mind that they are being individually monitored and safe at all times, especially when you are away.

Through our breed specific technology, Pup Alert makes advanced split second decisions as to when you should be receiving notifications for your dog’s temperature sensitivities. This technology is truly what sends Pup Alert to the next level of monitoring. For example, an older black pug needs to have a heat related notifications sent much sooner then a younger yellow lab. On the opposite spectrum, a little Yorkie needs to have a cold related notification much sooner then a big Husky. Our technology also allows for multiple profiles to be connect to a device, when this is happening, the profile with the more urgent sensitivities will be the default for when notifications are sent.

The device’s versatile design includes battery power and connection to cellular network, to not only allow endless ways to place it but also no more worrying about power outages or WIFI restraints. Pup Alert takes connecting you with your best friend to a whole new level.

When you can properly regulate your dog’s surroundings to maximize their comfort levels, exercise times, life-style adventures and travel safety, being a mindful guardian becomes a stress-free breeze. Pup Alert gives your dog the voice they deserve which gives you the knowledge you deserve to take the absolute best care of them each and everyday, no matter the situation. Never worry about leaving your pup behind again, simply place, connect and go!