There has been no solution for the proper and effective cleaning of dog teeth. 80% of all dogs over 3 years have tartar and dental diseases. It has effects on the health of the body, because the bacteria enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation. Many dog owners are helpless and do not know how to solve the problem.

The manufacturers of the conventional Denta-chews promise that the mechanical abrasion of the sticks is sufficient to clean the teeth. Unfortunately, the bad bacteria are unimpressed.

Therefore some clean with the ultrasonic toothbrush. Unfortunately this is very expensive and also time consuming, if the dog allows it. In addition, the toothpaste is absorbed with questionable ingredients, because the dog can not spit it out.

QCHEFS cheese bone cleans teeth with a new active principle!

“Chewing cheese” is the solution. It is scientifically proven that cheese neutralizes 80% of caries bacteria. This can not cause any dental plaque.

This effect is supported by the chewing effect of the QCHEFS. The saliva leaves the Qchefs cheese bones to put a layer to your teeth. This means that dogs, who otherwise simply snap away everything, have to chew with pleasure. QCHEFS also support the serotonin formation thus makes a special reward. Dog owners have always used this in the training of the dogs.

The combination with other superfoods – buckwheat, rapeseed oil and coconut oil make the QCHEFS a multitalent. It does not require calorie counting and with all vitamins, minerals and trace elements it can also replace raw bone or rumen.

The dog owner is also delighted, because QCHEFS is odorless and unbreakable. It is the ideal companion for the office and on the road.

Cheese bones are suitable for all dogs – also for allergy sufferers, diabetics or kidney dogs.
Different sizes and consistencies – puffed or bone hard- make it possible for every dog to find it’s favorite bone – even if he has only one tooth as a senior.

But with QCHEFS this is past.

Dogs around the world love QCHEFS – the story-

Since 2 years on the market the cheese bones are already delivered in 37 countries of the world and dog experts and veterinarians are enthusiastic fans.

The young microbiologist Anke Domaske is tirelessly researching for 5 years, developing 3000 recipes and a spinning process for natural fibers with the world’s smallest CO2 footprint. These are like silk fibers, consist of 100% renewable raw materials and can be composted. She is awarded the NASA Prize and the GreenTec Award.

During research, she discovers the health-promoting properties of the milk proteins and finds that cheese reduces 80% of the caries bacteria. This is how the QCHEFS cheese bones are made and many other products that are good for people and the environment.

In the Kickstarter project, the QCHEFS are given a new property at the request of the customers. They should also function as toys. Therefore new formulations and new forms are developed.

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