Mushroom cultivation company announces new sector. Farmer Sam’s Gourmet Produce L.L.C. is adding to it’s services. They are seeking funding to expand to make room for a hands on learning center for local communities to learn about how mushrooms are for more than just eating. They will teach how mycelium can be used to remediate contaminated soil. How mushrooms can be used for clothing,medicine and many other uses. They will be teaching classes that are open and free to the public. They will be working closely with the forestry dept. and the EPA to educate the public as well as help clean up the forests from oil saturated ground from the local oil industry. They will be teaching classes about the various medicinal mushrooms that will show better alternatives to chemical drugs.

They are currently seeking more funding to purchase a larger facility that will house a hands on lab and growing area as well as a store that will offer fresh mushrooms and value added products. FYI: oyster mushroom mycelium has a voracious appetite for hydrocarbon waste such as crude oil. To learn more about how mushrooms can save the world look up Paul Stamets videos on youtube and learn how it all works. First-rate service is intended to be the focus of the Company and a cornerstone of the brand’s success. All clients will receive conscientious, one-on-one, timely service in all capacities, be they transactions, conflicts or complaints. They strive to be the go to place for all mushroom related products. Owner Charles Ferraro says he plans to also offer internships by 2019 that will offer students to spend one week at the facility learning all aspects of mushroom cultivation. They will also be offering one day workshops to teach home cultivation for those who want to grow their own mushrooms.