So you like chess, but don’t play it because you don’t like losing? Or like it conceptually, but find it dry? Or maybe you’re too good, and you beat your peers and make them feel bad, and gameplay has become predictable?

Or do you prefer role playing games that involve a story, adventure, and twists of fate? Do you ever find that your games feel inaccessible to many of your peers? Do you ever wish there were an easy introduction to tabletop adventure based games?

If “yes” or “haven’t we all been there” was your response to any of the above questions, there’s a new game just for you!

Meet Random Coping Chess – chess with an added element of storytelling, reverie, and chaos, allowing the game to come to life.

The creators of Random Coping Chess admired chess for its intellectual strategy, balanced fairness, and perfect information. However, life doesn’t operate with perfect information, it’s never fair, and even the best plans never come to fruition. In life, we must learn to adapt and accept the curve balls. Random Coping Chess embraces and emulates these elements of life. After all, chess is a war game; it’s about time the lore of the game matched its subject.

Before each turn, the players role a die. If it comes up a 1, a Random Coping card is drawn. The card changes the rules, sometimes in a very subtle way and sometimes quite extremely. As examples, Coyote is an autonomous character that gets added to the board, and will randomly switch places with the pieces around it. Landslide pushes all the pieces to one side of the board. Planting Seeds of Self-Doubt in an opponent’s piece has a probabilistic chance of preventing that piece from moving the next turn. Other cards include Blizzard, Neck Romancers, Boojum, Pick on Somebody Your Own Size, etc.

As the two players cope with the rule changes, it becomes quite impossible to really approach the game with a truly competitive spirit. In the end, although you are still trying to defeat the opponent, you develop a comradery with your opponent as you together endure the elements that fate hurdles at you.

Even as people walk by, they will be drawn to watch your game and endure the story with you. Instead of “Rook to A5”, players will be saying things like “My queen boards the Cat Bus to avoid the Zamboni” or “My Neck Romancer sacrifices my pawn to resurrect your Holy Horse on my side.”

The creators’ main motivation in creating this project is to spread a game which they have been playing amongst themselves for the past two years to a greater community where they can share these ridiculously silly chess stories and endeavors.

Please feel free to reach out to them at Check out their Kickstarter, also titled Random Coping Chess, and their website,

Can you cope?